Whores Not Wars

Unsure of the sentiment expressed in this statement, this impetuously interesting compilation of words, that should grace itself with a presence in my head. Brought to residence by Cieon from a house of questionable respectability, high in reputation, near West End one summer afternoon, it immediately struck my active attentions.

When talking of human occupation, we are talking two of the oldest, both in an evolutionary battle for the soul.

A lot of running around going on upstairs this week, and it almost seems I am standing on the edge, no, staring at and contemplating the myriad long and winding roads up ahead, no, searching in vain for some suitable metaphor for the exist and flow to be the way it is. Time at one moment seems to stand still, but it is gone in a blink, never to return.

Some new songs the world over may come out of these trying times. I can hardly believe the day is over already. I’m on the brink of night.

This fellowship application, nearly completed, could afford the opportunity to visit the city of cities. All that is left is to print, burn, and mail. I think back to how all this mess got started, and I dream I might be standing at the base of those twin monoliths of memory before too long. To think all this fate it held in the clenched hands of others leaves me uneasy, but hopeful.

So many things we take to heart in the name of some old such-and-such. When two concepts present themselves together side by side, we seem to find out much more about the environment in which we find them. Whores and wars, running around in your mind.

Whores Not Wars
The true alternative

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6 Responses to “Whores Not Wars”

  1. Gabe Says:

    This concept is very relevant to the state of the world. If men were getting laid more often by more women there would be less wars.

    Like Bonobo chimps, who have constant sex and are peaceful, compared to the common chimp, among which males have to compete more for less sex and protect their females.

    In addition to the relaxing effect sex has on men, and the drop in testosterone that follows it, the added benefit would be that if paternity was always a question we would be less inclined to kill off our sons in war and fight amongst ourselves. Each could be our brother, cousin, uncle.

    Women just need to give us more sex to make the world a better place.

  2. typhoon199 Says:

    For myself, I love whores and think that they are truly wonderful women performing a very useful and need I say, desirable, public service.
    The criticism of such women, by mostly hugely hypocritical religious nuts, is appalling and mostly unjustified. Yes, there is the sad occurrence of drug and alcohol addiction in some working girls but in society today there is a lot of drug use and alcoholism in the general populace anyway!!! Not EVERY working girl is a drug/alcohol addict and I have known, as a client, quite a few over the years, from when I was about 21 to about the age of 40!!!
    Three cheers for whores, religions create wars!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Raven Says:

    “Yes, there is the sad occurrence of drug and alcohol addiction in some working girls but in society today there is a lot of drug use and alcoholism in the general populace anyway” – Exactly! Stereotyping prostitutes as “all drug addicts” – which, I find, drugs don’t cause addiction, it’s that person’s personality and/ or life that causes it (ex. *cokeheads* in corp. America on Wall Street) and the withdrawls are much less painful then the ones caused by the legal substance known as alcohol – is analogous to saying that ALL blacks are criminals just because someone who happened to be black robbed you at gunpoint. The “pitiful” hooker is the one broadcast on the evening news since negativity = news and in order to make money, a news stations needs sponsors who, in turn, need viewers. There you go!

  4. Raven Says:

    By the way, being a whore is an EXPRESSION of a woman’s biological nature to seek support, just like men feel the need to seek ass WHILE protecting and PROVIDING for the women and children. Seeing that you are a believer in Darwinism, I thought that would of dawned on you. Don’t knock our nature since you want more access to ass. If you want us as women to treat you like a man and give you some ass, then you have to treat us like women and give us some ca$h!


  5. Sweet Cookies Says:

    Women do not sign up for sexual slavery. Most of girls were recruited or coerced into prostitution. Others were “traditional wives” without job skills who escaped from or were abandoned by abusive fathers or husbands and went into prostitution to support themselves and their children3. There are numerous ways that women are procured for the sex trade. Below are the most prevalent: 4

    Bogus recruiters offer prospective job seekers a “complete package” for positions abroad. These offers don’t require prior work experience, and they almost always seek young, preferably single, women. These arrangements often include training, travel documents, and airfare, at no cost to the applicant. In 95 percent of these cases, the promised job does not exist.
    Ads are placed in seemingly legitimate employment agencies. Some set up “career day” booths at universities and offer “contracts.” These firms are nothing more than hunting grounds for criminal networks involved in the sex industry.
    Relatives, neighbors, or acquaintances can gain trust and approach a young woman or her family with an offer to help her land a job abroad. These culprits include teachers, orphanage workers, police officers and their wives, etc.
    Other trafficked women lure in new women. Sometimes this is the only way for the old ones to escape. Sometimes pimps give them the option of going home if they can reel in a certain number of other women.
    Sometimes family members (parents, siblings, spouses, etc.) sell women or girls into sex slavery.
    New boyfriends also lure women by promising a night out and then force them into waiting vehicles to sell them to pimps or traffickers.
    Outright abduction is one of the most terrifying. Women and girls are simply taken while walking home from school or work.
    The most horrible is the targeting of orphans. Many girls are at risk when they must leave the orphanage when they graduate at sixteen or seventeen. Most have no resources or funds for living expenses or any education or training to get a job. Traffickers often know when these girls are going to be turned out of the institution and are waiting for them with job offers. Sometimes girls are even purchased from orphanage workers.
    Drugs also play a role in procuring and keeping women. Some women are involved in sexual exploitation because they need money for their addiction. But many are forced drugs to make them compliant and to incapacitate them.
    It is important to note that not every woman is an innocent dupe. In fact, police and government officials often go to great lengths to stress that some of these women willingly enter the trade. In their eyes, this so-called willingness justifies their apathy and indifference. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even the “willing” women have no idea of what really awaits. It’s true that many women know full well when they accept a job offer that they’ll be working in some aspect of the sex industry—massage parlors, strip clubs, peep shows, and escort agencies. The vast number of women are not aware of the nature or conditions of the work that awaits them. Women are told they will earn $5,000 a month, live in luxury, have three days off, and be able to pick their clients. Also, the “contracts” they sign are for three months, after which time, they are told they are free to leave.

    Most women are put into debt bondage, unable to pay off the high interest rate their pimp charges them. They are sold in markets, raped, forced to service ten to thirty men a day, can’t refuse any paying customer, are given no sick days and no days off for their periods, get pregnant, acquire HIV and other STDs or medical and psychological problems, and experience constant abuse and frequent gang rapes.

    Customers of these women are sex tourists, U.N. peacekeeper and international humanitarian aid workers, U.S. military men, and local men in the area. The presence of these “mongers” has provided a valuable, readymade market for local brothel keepers trading in trafficked women.

  6. Alex Radeff & Donkey Says:

    I saw a poster that said “Whores Not Wars” a few weeks ago in the Parliament, Sherbourne, Wellesley Area. It stuck in my mind.
    The simple meaning I interpreted is that whores are illegal and deal in sex, and that wars are legal and deal in death. I don’t really have a stand on either side of the issue, but I think it might make for a good song.
    Catchy title, that’s for sure.
    Alex Radeff & Donkey

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