Second Time Out With Walter S. Fisher

So it seems the younger brother of Earl Gray Fisher, the main character in my current NaNoWriMo novel, is half-heartedly attempting to hijack the book, appearing periodically to say a few strange words. Here’s what he had to say for himself this time:

Well now, it seems that during my relatively brief time on this so-called planet earth, a few people may have already guessed that the name I usually go by in this part of the woods is Walter Fisher. I guess I should get that one out of the way quite early on. Oh and this as well, as most introductions usually go, that most people who know me, do not in actual fact call me Walter. Somehow, though I most definitely do not purposely influence them in their calling me it, they get it in their heads to call me Wally. I don’t particularly mind it though, and never really persuade anyone not to call me Wally, so it’s fine either way. To further elaborate on my current existence at this time, I feel, would be quite unnecessary. I will in all probability cover all that when the time comes around.

To explain this body of work, which I expect will certainly not be extensive by any means, I should state that, through no fault of my own of course, I am reluctantly being forced into writing this, and as such, I fully expect that whatever ghastly rubbish I write down here will almost certainly not be worth the paper it is written on — especially should that same paper be of the expensive kind that you might find in some kind of fancy stationary store. It was in fact the only paper I could find in the drawers. My Aunty never writes letters these days anyway. I do quite like the fancy little gold trimming around the edges however. So classy!

This will supposedly help me. It will be beneficial to my development as a young individual on my way forward in this world, towards wherever the hell it is they want me to go.

Somehow I don’t think so.

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