words for an inside cover

we will greet the mourning sun, together we will shine, we’ll send the light to everyone. – evolution in the heart, evolution in the soul, evolution in the part, evolution in the whole. – we come in the name of all that is insane, we come from a time when our ancestors are strung out on the line, our crime is such that the answers don’t seem to mean that much. – you sit there so patiently in your room, and you dream that the end is coming soon. you listen to the modern prophets, shouting in the street, fed with the instruments that you play with your feet. you go a-wandering, through the crowd, but they don’t hear you speak. with your mouth wide open, you make no sound. – staring into sounds, the cacophony of june. twenty-one hundred miles away, the crystal bell begins to sound and the people recall the tune. they heard it long ago, a faded rainbow on their minds. and so we stumble in the dark, with bright signs all around, calling our numbers through the crowd. it’s all connected. trees with hollow souls, we climb them in the night, never wanting it to end. the diamond light begins to shine and echoes over the town. they take it in their stride, the rapid paintings that fill their minds, and slowly we command the time, to fall away in fine lines, tempered to boiling point inside. it’s all connected. – all the children played, laughing in the rain. long ago they looked just like you and me. no longer do they need their meagre shells of existence, to leap from tree to tree, clinging to their lives high above. – i’ve seen the sunshine. i’ve seen the rain. i hear that whistle a-blowin’. it’s driving me insane, again. i’ve seen her pack her things and leave on the train. i’ve seen a thousand painters, with the sun in their eyes. i’ve seen the children walking, with no place to crawl. i’ve seen the pictures playing, to only empty seats. i’ve seen the people marching, up and down those ancient streets. i’ve heard the newborn baby crying, all alone in the dark. i’ve played to a crowded room, with no one in sight. i’ve seen the sunrise, hang around for days. i’ve seen the playground, from when i was a child. i’ve heard your silence. i’ve sung a song to you. i’ve heard the old man laughing, outside in the rain. i’ve heard the gunshots blasting, down my own front door. i’ve seen a hundred archers, with no targets in sight. i’ve seen a girl in the pale afternoon, just looking for fun. i’ve seen the man a-wandering, throughout the city streets. i’ve seen the pickets heading down to the blood-soaked beach. i’ve seen the flowers bending, in the gusty wind. i’ve watched as people flushed their freedoms down the drain. – the smouldering ruin that was your last regret, is saying hello to all the people you met down town, while you were there, pretty people everywhere, with coloured ribbons in their hair, coming back to haunt you in your dreams, so it seems. the silent chattering of your alphabet, is burning down with your cigarette. billowing smoke around the room on some foggy afternoon, and in time you’ll be there soon, floating around inside a red balloon, away, to another day. – o doom and delight they fight battles in the mind. – configurations of existence, for your pattern to arise, a victim of circumstance. time to go out through the window. you know you’ve never been through, though you know just where it goes. mine for gold, out where the cool wind blows, your mind is an overflow, a garden waiting to grow. and the songs you sing are written in your dreams. and the dreams you dream are never what they seem. when you figure it out, without a doubt, you’ll never say what you mean, and never mean what you say. – i know you know what i know. i see you know what i see. i hear you know what i hear. i am you know that i am. – now we can see the roads you’re walking down. and we can see the histories being spun around. it will come to show you’ll need a little self-control, when you’re living your life and dancing to our rock n roll.

3 Responses to “words for an inside cover”

  1. Ash Says:

    Words words words the end.

    I didn’t read that, but if you’re after some critique try to throw in some paragraphs. Also seriously consider how you lay out your type, because frankly that’s supremely difficult to read, and I’m just not going to.

    I don’t mean to sound like such a jerk, so please don’t get offended or anything. I may have just missed the point completely.

  2. Victoria Says:

    wow….its been a long time, too long but for you it never seems to go away, its always there, but you are right it is just never said. So i owe you a thanks, i must read this again….give me a few minutes…..its it isn’t it? it is now i really do have to say thanks. I never thought i would see it, i also didn’t believe that you could do it so well done, well done

    Good luck on this long journey ahead, you know where to find me if you need me

    Love me

  3. Josh Says:

    @Ash yea i was playing with layout squashing it onto text of a CD cover. I guess it doesn’t translate too well in blog form.

    Hoping you’re well. More readable posts coming soon.


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