Twitter 365 Project

Thought I’d put my Flickr gift pro account, generously donated to me by @ccake, to good use by joining this Twitter 365 Project thing that it seems a few people have been doing since good old ’09 began. I held out on joining, even though I’d planned to from day one, due to the fact that I slept for that entire day, but I’ve long wanted to try something like this.

So basically it just involves taking a photo each day and posting it on Twitter, simple as that. I’ll be putting them up on Flickr, but I know people like Kate Edwards are using Brightkite to post them.

Anyway, we’ll see how long I can keep it up for. Maybe I’ll get through the whole year, who knows. Lot’s of snaps to come. One down, only 364 to go.

1/365 twitter 365 project: A Bit Late

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