Another Junkie Post

Probably more television than I’ve watched for the past year combined. Hit that mute button now to end noisy vibrations penetrating my inner cortex. It has been a big week, a strange week, and I’ve been laying low, flying high, I can’t decide; a vagrant heart.

Home it seems doesn’t feel as its name would suggest. So I’ve been the wanderer, the seeker, the midnight drifter, up and down this old town. Currently commandeering control of a friend’s slavish computer, whose master is half the world away, following the heart, or something similar.

Not much to report that hasn’t already been broadcast through alternative means, or that which lies lock-safe within. I need to write more, but sometimes it is what you don’t write… who am I kidding? The days take control, and the daze takes control.

In my head there is a future brewing, vying for evolutionary equilibrium… strange… attraction.

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