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Taking Flight

Monday, January 19th, 2009

“Does that mean your taxi will be here in five minutes?” come soft words spoken into my ear, seconds after resigning the alarm once again, by force of habit, to another five minutes of blissful snooze. It hits me, just a little woozy and boozy from the haze of celebration the night before. It’s 7am and I have a flight to catch.

First time off the ground in years for me, setting off in search of something, solitude perhaps, or just to get get away from it all. A two week holiday in search of soul. Life on the animal farm will continue in my absence however and thoughts of what might be missed at such a time as this are almost impossible to quell, however hard I try to pay it no mind.

Taking flight into a future uncertain, to see what mysteries await in the unfamiliar. Upon return I wonder at what things will have changed, and what changes in me will strike discord or harmony from this temporal separation.

With divergent histories coming together once more. Only time will tell.

Off To Tasmania