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Coming up for AIR

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Shyla said she had two spare tickets to see AIR play that night. Somewhere in The Valley she said, the Tivoli maybe. Some quick googling proved her right. The tickets were in her name, so she handed over some non-photo id and we prepared for some undercover work, only to have our cover crumble when we got to the ticket counter and saw the familiar face of an old acquaintance staring back. The girl at the ticket counter obliged us, thankfully.

New Buffalo supported the night, glitz girl with certain somewhat subtle masculinity, supported to the side by feminine transparent red showing of two more supported showings. Ocean had sprung up a conversation with a girl called Liz of whom she remarked had a nice dress only moments before. She became part of the group as more and more friendly faces arrived and gathered for the show. Surprising there would be so many there, known in the mind.

After the song and dance, the pretty photon show, a migratory path to Ric’s was pursued. Only stayed there a short while, time enough for one game of Galaga. Perhaps it was the effect of the show on my senses, or some other stimulant, but I played like never before, trance-like, focused to the gills, reaching a never before achieved, level 17, and breaking the 100,000 point mark. First on the machine by a long shot, surprising not only those watching, but myself as well.

Sometimes all it takes is to come up for AIR every so often. See you there.

AIR at the Tivoli
AIR playing at the Tivoli in Brisbane