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Feeding the Masses

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Taking a break from the Grant McLennan Memorial Fellowship application that is slowly coming together, in between intended gatherings of The Strange Attractors, the occasional wanderings online, and Cieon, wonderful house mate coming home and persuading me into watching the Liv Tyler film Heavy, I stay on course, this ship just set for sail, across the wide Atlantic.

This blog, now syndicating through FeedBurner and newly launched, is on the watchtower lookout for subscribers, subscribers to the blog feed. As we are utilising the latest trunk of WordPress, the bleeding edges of 2.5 RC2, of course certain plugins such as FeedSmith seem not to work. So in this post, along with testing the default display of code in a post, we will see quite an inelegant, and rather simple, hacky way of making sure all your WordPress feed references redirect to your blog’s FeedBurner feed.

Update: ok, so it turns out that FeedSmith was working all along. I was just misjudging its functionality. Seems it redirects after clickthroughs to the feed and doesn’t actually physically change the link. I’ll keep this here for reference anyway.

Just one simple edit in the general-template.php seemed to do the trick. Should be self-evident from the following diff output, monospaced and styled with the use of <code></code> tags. I may customise some css for for the next Darwin theme release. Seems quite good as it it though, clean and simple.

Index: wp-includes/general-template.php
--- wp-includes/general-template.php (revision 7524)
+++ wp-includes/general-template.php (working copy)
@@ -92,7 +92,8 @@
$output = get_feed_link('rss');
case 'rss2_url':
- $output = get_feed_link('rss2');
+ //$output = get_feed_link('rss2');
+ $output = '';
case 'atom_url':
$output = get_feed_link('atom');

Ok, so now there should be no subscriber left behind. Already FeedBurner is reporting 22 subscribers, which must be some kind of miscount or something as I only just put this in place a little while ago. I have no quarrels with bandwagon jumpers however.

Is that rain I hear out my bedroom window? A welcome sign, though weeping heavens, if they persist in their sombre state, may present a challenge to my Thursday morning stroll, a new beginning to the working man’s blues, plaguing so many.

Over The Train Lines
The Albion Old Mill in the midst of deconstruction, from the crossing over the train lines

Always on the lookout for an opportunity of creation to feed the masses, even if that means the photographing of destruction.