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10 Creative Twitter Users From Brisbane Worth Following

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

A quick little list (in no particular order) of some good value twitts from those I’m following in Brisbane dabbling in various artistic endeavours, or other such pursuits that make up the creative life of this sleepy little town.

@mirandaforwood: dancer extraordinaire, kept running into her everywhere around town for a while. I think she thought I was stalking her. Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t. Maybe she was stalking me.

@ameliadowd: brilliant photographer, took some great shots of The Strange Attractors at Brisbane Twestival. Most recently saw her in That Face at the Bille Brown Theatre in West End.

@definatalie: graphic artist, does nice designs for shirts. You should buy one.

@benexia: guitarist and songwriter, met once at the Alibi Room. Nice chap. You’ll usually find him hanging around with @miranda_jane.

@KateEdwards: beautiful film producer, recent lover of The Mighty Boosh. Lives just up the street in New Farm with the omnipresent @lexiphanic (well, used to at least, until he moved out). High flyer in the #btub Twitterati.

@ccake: artist and tumblr, gave me a gift flickr pro account last year. What a sweetie!

@nicodonnell: creative director & theatre producer, takes brilliant photos too. We met breifly at the Brisbane Twestival.. I think. I’d had a few.

@urchincreature: musician & free spirit, shared (much) more than a few games of chess at The Tree Monkeys cafe in West End over the years.

Whitney Eglington
@heroinepretend: lighting designer & theatre tech, we’ve almost met in real life on many numerous occasions.. almost. I always look out for her when at Chermside Shopping Centre.

lain Smith
@lost_kafei: philosophy student at QUT, dwells on Descartes. Hangs out sometimes at the RG.

Well, that just about wraps it up, a bit more difficult than I imagined, though I may consider doing another one of these later down the track. Leave a comment if you want. Oh and follow me on Twitter, if you want to too.