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Reason & Wonder

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

I’d like to welcome, you to the show
We’ve got all you need, so no need to linger
On thoughts that betray, the games that you play
In the mind you create, you wouldn’t be late
To the party inside, illumination resides
With the path that is paved, with a golden glow
That you know will awaken, the darkest of nights
And let you take flight, through the airwaves untamed
And into the brains, of the modern day prophets
Of reason and wonder, if all you discover
Has always been there, and existed between
All the thoughts that we share, then the path will evolve
and we’ll watch it unfold, in a thousand directions
Of new found perfections, that branch high above
For the love that is leading, the ultimate meaning
Of freedom to be, to listen, to see
That we all sing the same, song in the end
It’s not time to pretend, any more that the war
Raging outside, is not just the same
As the one that you keep, bottled up in your brain

An Automatic Poem

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Written at lunch, streams of words.

When the terrors of the night come wandering by
I know for sure that we all someday must die,
For the walls are painted with a million shades of grey
Telling a story of when the wind ran away.

Into the ocean, into the sea,
We alone will believe what no one else will see.
Try as you might, you will never walk down
All those paths in your lifetime you might not have found.

Actors and agents they claw at my door,
But letting one in means they all must want more.
Today is the day that they all throw you back
What news do you bring from the old weathered shack?