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Suppress Spam Count in Gmail

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Ever been tempted to check that spam folder just one more time even though you know there’s never (or only on the rarest of occasions) any legitamite mail in there?

Here’s what I did to automatically mark all spam messages as read, thus eliminating the spam count and stopping me from wasting my time looking in that folder over and over again. You can even have gmail look for certain words, such as your name or company, in emails that may be not spam (yummy ham) and bring them to your attention as a false positive.

So what you do anyway is from the Gmail inbox click Create a filter. Now in the Has the words box type in:spam and in the Doesn’t have box type any words that you want to exclude (your name for instance). Click next and disregard the warning message that shows up; they don’t know what they’re on about.

In the next step check the Mark as read box and then Create Filter.

And you’re done. No more spam count. Just make sure you check it every so often in case something slips through.

Now go get some real work done :)