@mcbumface @miranda_jane needs a LOT of work to be released i think, was just a test for now. ended up with 8MB of html page, crashed ff :)
sweet my twitter backup looks like it's working, extremely crude and alpha, but it's working. grabbing 243 pages of archive now
attempting to write a twitter backup utility using php and curl
watching the benned sexy vegetarian ad that @urchincreature was talking about.. hmm interesting http://twurl.nl/a7xeyd
writing a professional recommendation for per, so that with any luck, he is able to stay in the country http://twurl.nl/rq0afr
@tneilen think i'll have to go on a 210% diet come the first, to tone up a bit, so send them this way :)
came up with a new tune on the water yesterday, and then promptly forgot all about. lucky i hummed it into my video camera... reeeee-mind
ammusd by @liamvickery including me in his "Top Aussies On Twitter" list on his blog. thiinking of making my own list http://twurl.nl/xnvii0
the days are falling by so fast. tonight, tomorrow, and then i'm back on a flight back home
thinking a million things, unconducive to sleep, though here it comes regardless. i can feel its deathly draw
cousin andrew may be coming down from townsville to visit in march. haven't seen him in years and years. just heard from him over facebook
@urchincreature wonderwall music by george harrison. i wants to hears it http://twurl.nl/rpcezm
midnight snack time, right on time, compensating for the daylight savings down here
@liamvickery just wasn't searching or playing or anything, said in the faq that some plugins like adblock, skype, etc might mess with it
been ranking top 20 with the latest hits on last.fm since i've been keeping an eye on it, 2 years at least, plu... ♫ http://blip.fm/~1tiaf
aha, worked it out. blip.fm doesn't seem to play nice with the adblock firefox extension. uninstalled it, don't use it that much anyway
blip.fm still not working for me :( hitting search, pressing enter.. just sits there
last minute twitter 365 project photo, after the shower http://twurl.nl/jot3ma
feeling a bit dirty.. need a shower
@AustralianOpen come on jelena! :)
eating fruit loops, a most fitting cereal in times of these
checking out the state library of queensland's flickr photos, in the commons as of yesterday http://twurl.nl/cqjeid
quite hot today actually. shuddering to think what it's like back north
home, and playing with the new roland cube 60 amp we got. boat ride was intense, much faster than imagined
on the boat, the 'wild thing' ready to set off
heading out for a cruise down the river
waking up, missed a call, distress from job #2, no emails coming through. suppose i should call them back. i really should be charging more
wishing everyone, everywhere, peace of mind in their life. goodnight..
home at last, cleaning teeth, legs a bit sore from the walk
screw chasing down a cab back, i'm walkin the line along the bike track. seagulls flutter beside
incredible how uplifting a familiar face can be in a lonesome town, sharing stories, sharing dreams, sharing a break from reality
at a place called knopwood, waiting for marty to show, grabbing a drink
hmm, well figured i'd better shave if i'm going to head out to salamanca tonight. gotta call a cab too if i can't scam a lift
yay, martha's in town! what a coincidence. hopefully catching up over drinks tonight
watching slumdog millionaire
thoroughly enjoying this whole not working business. haven't shaved in a few days too. beginning to become unrecognisable
today's twitter365 is that old radio i found just before. i think it has some kind of strange old charm about it http://twurl.nl/l6ja2y
listening to other people's last.fm stations to gain insight into their personalities. incidentally, here's mine http://twurl.nl/70ud83
james came up with the idea of tuning a radio on stage for the end of i am the walrus, just found a perfect portable radio for it
facebook needs a "request for rotation" feature for its photos
time for another coffee and perhaps some more guitar, need to learn these beatles songs
a happy day for oz, hooray for patriotism, true patriotism, resistance to the oppressive state, though when is earth day, or humanity day?
RT @bnetwestival: Tix for Brisbane Twestival are now available! http://is.gd/hcXr
@KateEdwards TV is the divine light. TV giveth and TV taketh away. I try to steer clear most days, best I can
the final act iv now, it is better than i thought, though i puzzle/ponder over her reason/motivation for recommendation/suggestion
ah, forgot i was supposed to read checkhov's "the sea-gull" recommended by anna.. so much to read, so much time to do it in. starting now
starting benjamin button, heard grim reports about the film, but the short story could be quite a delight http://twurl.nl/d6dc7k
epic match, now reading the final installation of the art of war from http://www.dailylit.com
now if she could just break serve...
today's twitter 365 project photo. watching jelena hit some balls around http://twurl.nl/amhup2
now that full twitter archives look like they're available, i'm attempting to backup my timeline with this http://twurl.nl/esjxas ..shakey
jelena dokic is heading out onto the court to serve
just got offered a film roll shooting next month, will be low-budget, but should be fun, haven't acted in a long time
wow, just found out that martha my dear is down here in tassie as well, hopefully will be able to catch up tomorrow when she gets to hobart
well now, that should provide some light reading for a while, thanks all
finding and subscribing to twitter friends' blogs. shoot us the feed url if you have one
uploading various things, chilling out, beautiful day for it
went to cadbury to see where chocolate comes from, now chasing the river to the source
just played the rolling stones', time is on my side, brings back the memories
'how to organize the chaos that lies beyond the smallest numbers is therefore a problem that confronts the entire human race' ..
cant sleep, starting to read this book on mathematics i found beside the bed. if that doesn't put me to sleep, nothing will
video rendered at the wrong aspect ratio.. still ironing out sony vegas movie studio. setting it to render again while i attempt forty winks
starting to think that last coffee wasn't such a good idea. wide awake now. it's getting a bit chilly too, might jump into bed, under covers
noodles and tim tams are all i could find, will do for the time being. wishing this video would hurry up and render also
@liamvickery about to see what's in the fridge right now, will try for the fattiest, most carb filled thing i can find
wow, brilliant 5 setter going on right now at the australian open, no tie break in the fifth, 8 all on serve
@websinthe is it really that hot back up there in brisbane? here in hobart it's a cool 14 degrees. i'm getting a jumper :)
weighed myself in at 64.5kg. thinking a rather large midnight snack is in order
now following adam from mythbusters @donttrythis thanks to @divabat :)
watching mythbusters, reckon 90% of its popularity comes from the geek sex appeal of that hot redhead :P
reading about the port arthur massacre on wikipedia, almost unbelievable. not sure if i'll head down there this time http://twurl.nl/qk8qvw
watching world news, posting twitter365 photo from the beach http://twurl.nl/kixkgx
back from the beach, exhausted
taking a drive to cliffton beach, will get some footage of the rolling waves and take in the serenity
subscribing to http://youtube.com/vatican to keep an eye out on the empire's movements. he really does look like the emperor from star wars
haha bizarre, just got asked if i watched the mighty boosh in the bathroom, he knew i did. wtf?
guy on guitar playing covers just jumped on the stage, not too bad, gettin a drink
drove past a few places on the way to the docks, hitting irish murpheys, not liking my chances of finding some good live music, oh well
can't go out yet, still light outside, damn this daylight savings here! should have night come an hour earlier in summer if anything..
twitter 365 project (not flickr365 as i said last time) photo 4, with new pac man hoodie http://twurl.nl/ytg2mt
wishing all you @btub brigadiers a great night up there in brisbane tonight. thinking twitter needs some more evangelism here in hobart
posted one result from the memmart test we did yesterday. going to try some more later in the week - flickr http://twurl.nl/1pxr0b
@lexiphanic glad to hear you're staying around down on the farm
catching the bus back again, lookin forward to observing the night life down here tonight, hopefully some live tunes
just bought a jumper, two shirts, and jeans. should hopefully tide over the rest of the week
lunch time, work calls following me around
here's the vid, processed at last, of us almost being blown off mt wellington by a gust of wind, haha http://twurl.nl/np7s42
predator doesn't seem to be cutting it tonight, attention straying. youtube vid still processing, problems their end http://twurl.nl/2jblvs
watching the australian open, playing into the night. don't mind a bit of tennis every so often, used to play it when i was younger
missing all the kids that would be at rics right now seeing running guns and velociraptor tear up the stage
youtube vid i uploaded 4 hours ago says it's still being processed.. going to upload again
impressed by the demo artwork that we did thismorning, more genius than i thought
about to head out to dinner with family, some swanky restaurant in town. should be nice
third flickr365 photo from near the top of the mountain, the ogan pipes http://flickr.com/photos/ph...
back, and looking at some footage and photos from the successful little excursion
@Morbidity down in hobart, tasmania, mt wellington is the highest mountain i think
cold dry wind is doing havoc to my lips, chasing down some chapstick
a strong gust almost blew us off the top of the hanging rock, but looks like we survived!
heading up, braving the windy peaks of mt wellington. this could be it. goodbye
doing a test memmart painting in the backyard
thinking of contrasting questions, the existential, the mundane, to ask alexandra in the mirror
jumping into bed, putting on an action flick to numb the mind. will take up traversing the treacheries of journeying inner-space tomorrow
in the beginning there was nothing.. and everything
writing an infinite book of eventualities, and plucking a few leaves out of it
having a vast philosophical conversation in the living room
still getting used to this daylight savings business, plus being close to the south pole, 8pm and still bright as day outside
second twitter 365 project photo http://twurl.nl/ii63w4 down at sandy bay
remembered what i was going to do.. wasn't that worthwhile afterall. watching the news on tv for the first time in months.. propaganda!! :P
forgot what i was just about to do, it was something good too, worthwhile, i'm sure of it..
@fmll haha, i used to know a girl called jezebel, down at the skating rink on a friday night, we'd play games of devilish delight
no barriers in sight, that should be. predictive txt fail
seriously, you could quite easily ride right off into the ocean around here. on barriers in sight down by the docks
about to finish part 1 of 'on the road' under a tree in some city park. that pretty blonde keeps looking over this way..
park bench, resolving to write of modern relevance, with historical inspiration
sitting down on sandy bay, having a snack, fending off seagulls
on the bike ride into town, average speed on the odometre is 19km/h :)
better let myself drift off to sleep, bike riding to battery point tomorrow to see auntie austra, this time for reals
aha! found it, twitter tool i've been searching for for months, to identify inactive accounts i'm following http://www.mycleenr.com
@goAshley a photo a day for 365 days, posted to twitter. here's a blog post http://twurl.nl/qcrqrr
joining the twitter 365 project, better late than never, was feeling a little left out - photo for today http://twurl.nl/ffdwb5
sending a formal declaration of romantic intent , haha :) http://bureauofcommunicatio...
film was actually better than i thought, some interesting concepts in there, now i want to see the original
about to head out with alex to see the day the earth stood still, not expecting too much, but still, could be good
looking for more nature documentaries when i should really be out there exploring nature first hand, installing a portfolio wordpress theme
registering atozix.com for setting up an art website to display and sell prints of atozix's artwork
still watching bbc's planet earth. amazing. should be getting some sleep, dreaming some dreams
some birds on a powerline from the backyard — youtube hd test http://youtube.com/watch?v=...
much of a hobart twitter contingent down here? doing a search http://twurl.nl/0go3hw
@fmll either i'll journey to unravel the innermost secrets of the universe, or will just take it easy for a few weeks on holiday
another great jam tonight, enjoying being nearly 2000kms from work, need to get writing soon, while this video encodes
cooking dinner for all
devising theories on character evolution as metal pattern populations dependant upon initial environmental conditions
was waiting at the wrong bus stop, this place is confusing. missing everyone in brisbane already
if they think i'm paying $80 for a hdmi audio/video cable, they're nuts
ok so i'm lost, post office has to around here somewhere
better, found one eventually at the royal hobart hospital, now i need a jumper
in town looking for a bathroom, there's none around it seems
about to head out shopping for supplies
rugging up, so cold down here
adjusting to surroundings, admiring artwork, playing music, watching david attenborough, writing, producing video
awake from nap, somewhat refreshed, feeling the cold down here already. where's that jacket?
the view out the window from the flight down http://twurl.nl/tjw4ed
i'm in hobart! plane landing was a bit shakey, but was all fine
on the plane now, don't think i'm supposed to use the phone
waiting for plane to board
pleasant early morning cab ride, sitting at the airport now wondering if i need to check my bag or not
pretty much packed, and the cab is booked for 7am in the morning, wishing i could take my guitar, though travelling very lightly
jammin with fletch on his new massive vintage amp, about to start packing, don't think i need much
going to get a case of beer for this party tonight. ps: all welcome to drop in if in the new farm area
the who, still mind-blowing
@ozdj agreed, almost bought some original ray-ban wayfarers the other day, but the fear of breaking or losing them is too much
new sunglasses at last, determined not to lose this pair this time, but we'll see
off to get some travel supplies and a present for fletch, i know just the ticket, ticket to ride
virgin blue online check in, printing out boarding pass, should have gotten a later flight. 8:30 sunday morning, what was i thinking?
@rainbowhill just read your #coffee tag and remembered that mine was sitting there going cold, thanks
saw the ghost foxes in gmail teahouse theme playing "go" and got the urge to play it myself online. used to have a roll up board as a kid
2 minute noodle time, then will try for some sleep. need to pack for hobart tomorrow before fletch's party
last.fm is my friend tonight, listening to cream similar artists radio, rolling stones brown sugar is playing, how come you taste so good?
@phocks got a Twitter Grade of 98/100 from @grader. See: http://twitter.grader.com/p...
going to play guitar while this video is rendering. takes sooooo long to render high-def
@fiannan we were asking around, but no one knew. neighbours have agreed to look after him, as they don't have dogs that will try to eat him
hmm, simple, short screenplay seems to be expanding into a complex examination of aesthetics, will have to come back to it later
dogs went chasing something outside, turned out to be a kitten up the tree.. rescued - photo http://twurl.nl/18f0x5
started writing, it's entitled "examination of alexandra". it will be brief and simple, may even try to shoot it tonight or tomorrow
thinking of writing a short screenplay quickly and producing it as a proof of concept, waiting for inspiration to come
dear prudence just came on john-paul's net radio in the other room. we're playing that at the beatles night in feb
the aircon in here is sooo nice, i feel i never want to leave
interesting case, when jp connected his samsung it created a new network connection and the firewall started blocked all traffic
no one in the office down here in pcq, lucky i have a key. guess i'll just sit in the aircon for a while and work on the design
per came around on his longboard to pick up his bass guitar and amp, we made a quick film too
heat wave, burning through my heart, wish i was back in the freezer
popping down the shops for juice, coke, and toilet paper.. and maybe some food to fill a bare fridge
realised i don't have to be in to work until 2pm. why was i rushing?
@kissability some great shots there kathleen, thanks
a midnight snack of toasted cheese and vegemite on toast to finish off the night, pleasant, tranquil
watching the mighty boosh with @conjure
saying goodbye to my desk for two weeks, a good feeling
the coffee machine is bringing up recognitions of HAL from space odyssey 2001: "open the pod bay doors please HAL"
this most recent chapter of on the road has inspired me to start journalling again. will start with my trip to hobart i think
borrowed a pencil from the bookshop, off for a big lunch and to write
feeling sleepy, perhaps having people back after the show till the wee hours wasn't so smart. oh well last day for 2 weeks!
@KateEdwards feels like a mighty boosh night perhaps tonight..
there's a hole where my stomach used to be. going to see if i can find some morning tea
everyone here it seems had the impression that i was supposed to be on holidays already, when i don't leave until sunday
saw @Scarlettjen's red hair ablaze up on james st while riding past on the way to work, had a brief, but compelling chat roadside
woke up thinking it was midday, glad it's not
this will be a night well remembered, heart goes out to all. but it's late, and it is a new day tomorrow. night
thankyou a thousand times to @ccake for buying me a gift pro flickr account. amazing. i'm humbled. going to use it wisely. thankyou again
wishing i could find my "may the force be with you" shirt for tonight's show.. "revolution" will have to do
lady at the newsagent had no idea where a stationary store was, walked outside and there was one right next door, lol
looking for reasonably thick white card, you wouldn't think it would be too hard, but it is
speed mastering these tracks.. maybe it was a bad idea to leave it this late, haha
@ccake pro account expired.. maybe someone will buy me a gift pro account ;)
vocal doubling now, running out of time
oh dear, trying to record.. where's that static coming from?????????!
almost toasted myself changing a light bulb, who left the switch on?
got late fast, heading home to touch up these recordings etc ready for tomorrow
transferring a grand from ingdirect to pay off credit card xmas splurge before the interest rates diverge even more and i cop it on the chin
well, that took longer than expected, decided to give picasaweb another try, seeing my flickr ran out - sunset sounds http://twurl.nl/msyhf0
@KateEdwards i quite liked its humble messianic air too, but have been meaning to change it for a while. this one is just a temporary
changing twitter bio: these aren't the droids you're looking for... move along
using jedi mind tricks to reset the factory count of mum's printer, designed to force a trip to the empire to get it unnecessarily serviced
at last, finished scanning cropping rotating exporting, glad i had youtube to stumblethru while doing it, now to upload
scanning the photos in, they are less incriminating as we imagined they would be
girl at the print shop remarked, 'oh what fun your photos were' haha
going to pick up the developed photos from our disposable cameras we took to sunset sounds
looking through my old words and lyrics from last year, picking out the relevance
@thegrates best of luck at the doctors well wishes for the ankle, nice throne at sunset sounds, great show :)
i'm wondering if there are any poets of repute spouting conduits of truth left in this town any more
envisaging a giant sushi train running through the entire office at regular intervals, the way of the future
@Scarlettjen just like jeeves is the name of every butler i've ever known.. hang on, how many butlers do i know?
just realised these were the pants i wore to the beach the other day over my shorts, oops, sand in the pockets. i need a coffee, a real one
tanya from reception just called and asked if it was alright for us not to buy CD-Rs due to company finances.. ouch
@fmll tough times, together we can pull through
seems we're feeling the effects of the GFC even here, staff redundancys, hours cutbacks, not for me though fortunately, they'd be lost
sleepy, still lots to do, things that should have been done many yesterdays ago. i need a clone or 50
brilliant jam, think wednesday should hopefully be out of this world, working on cover design now
am radio sooths the raging river of southbound traffic at its peak
enough of this incessant incessance, going home, rehearsals tonight for wednesday's show, still haven't printed the cds yet either
@amazoe @lexiphanic this r2 unit has a bad motivator
finding more brightkite friends, thinking about sending @miranda_jane some strange messages :P
dreaming about those days of bliss, before mobile phones
at lunch, thinking about the mythology of star wars, its relation to everyday existence, and its proliforation in modernity
devising plans for a party this saturday before i go away for mick fletcher's super special birthday.. hooray!
juggling a million and one things right now before morning coffee, not a good idea
earlier than i thought, body needed some water, sleep again now, can still squeeze in a few hours
@urchincreature i told the guns they should have done another set afterwards, everyone thought they were on later
late night sustainance from the local 7/11 after the show
catching the 199 to the valley
listening to the running guns kids rehearse for their show tonight, while snapping together some cover art designs
need to go to church to pick up my car, their attempt to lure the people there with the golden light glory of free valley parking
posting some photos from yesterday's trip to the beach for nina's birthday http://twurl.nl/n5zv1p
the faces of the night before have come back to haunt me, heating up last night's curry to sooth the wicked torment.. mm much better
brilliant swim, almost lost pants in surf, had oysters, climbed elephant rock, splashed by giant wave. heading back now
elephant rock beach awaits, not too far away now
blasting queen on the drive down, much to fletch's deploration
stopped at nandos on the way for brunch chicken burgers. nom
about to head to the beach for the fists time this summer. it's been a long time comin'
tonight was verging on being quite interesting, mystery and intrigue
forgot to upload those vids for per, waiting for yolande to come around then we're all up to check out some velociraptors at the zoo
found it! the mighty boosh season 1 $12.80 at jb. nice
decided i really dislike shopping even more than i thought, all i want they don't have, all they have i don't want
retail therapy isn't working, maybe it only works when you're spending someone else's cash, hmm where are the dylan sunnies?
lesson 1: you do not cut the power to the hives!
posted the performer's cafe dvds at last, don't think there's a commonwealth bank here, going to find one to cash this cheque
sushi train chermside, sustainance to keep up the good fight
at second job for a bit, just to get things kicking off and to tie up loose ends, coming down with something, so going soon
@kissability @surewhynot think i was in a world of my own for most of the time there. had fun though, hope you did too
@urchincreature you can borrow my mountain bike if you need it
a lot of emails have been left feeling neglected and unanswered the past few days.. i'm sure they won't mind one night more. going to bed
can't believe we're watching empire strikes back, haha
second day of sunset sounds
up, and singing dylan, don't think twice, ready for the new day
laney and laura just arrived, awaiting mel and james
listenin to strung out in heaven, drinking premiums, fletch is rolling, sunset is coming
@boots303 hopefully run into you down in the gardens somewhere close to sunset
had a morning beatles jam with fletch, now listening to Help! awaiting people to rock up for our pre sunset sounds drinks etc
mind is too active to be tired even though theoretically i should be
cleaning up the room a bit for tomorrow, just in case..
@Taezar waved into the air, hope you saw
home from an interesting time at rics, peeking through the social fabric, now about to have a shower in the dark. need new fluro
walking uphill to the valley. is that a contradiction of terms?
fixed hilary's 3g internet - a breeze - on the way through, cycling to mum's for spare keys, legs are pretty sore, now for the ride home
saying goodbye to pet spider that lives behind the painting at work, wondering what i should call him.. peter perhaps
@kissability i'll be at sunset sounds tomorrow and tursday. let's try to run into each other through the crowd! :P
analogue lines for our eftpos are hissing and buzzing again, gentle static crack, preventing data communicationssssss
they moved the stationary again. sushi for lunch, lots and lots of sushi. will attempt an ending to this song as well, Dream Girl #115
my belt is coming apart, there has to be some kind of glue around here somewhere. hunting and gathering in the office
strange, just got an email from virgin blue saying my flight times have changes, but the new times are exactly the same as the old ones..
pumping up tyres at petrol station, i've advised them that i may be a tad late
thought i'd set two alarms.. alas.. now where's my other shoe? seriously
figured i'd better get at least some sleep before the morning sun rings in the new day, looks like i'm push-biking it to work tomorrow
fletch is watching his special edition box set of dylan's don't look back he recently got, so he gave me his other standard copy.. generous
hmm.. flickr pro account will expire in 5 days, weighing up whether it's worth going another year
deciding just to deal with it tomorrow, going to stick up these glow in the dark stars at last, and think about times past
just did something i really wish i hadn't done.. if i could turn back time
brilliant jam with the @attractors with per on bass
hoping i may have beat the traffic.. perhaps
@Alegrya caved and got one, didn't have the will to make a real one
i think an instant coffee is on the cards, quick and easy
@rainbowhill was digging for a metaphor for the office around here, that one came up. i want to see howel's moving castle
the hour of lunch is upon us
teaching my volunteer the tricks of the trade on how to keep this walking castle ticking over
quite a bit of wordpress comment spam is getting past akismet
will need lots of @kafeen today i'm sure
mind still in holiday mode while the working week calls
laying in bed, much needed catchup on reading
cooking, using whatever i can find in the fridge
home, just got one of those twitter scam dm emails, phishing for my password, not bloody likely!
movie was a bit of delightfully sentimental hollywood character pushing, but good for a laugh, bridge strolling after
waiting, wondering
along the southbank walkway, remembering when the creepers had just been planted
had a blast filling the pool with cups and a production line from sink to pool. now to southbank, hot date :p
on the top level at @megbar's pool party, blowup pool party in the living room
in the city, looking for something
and the people shall enact compulsory peaceful revolution should government fail to satisfy conditions conducive to sustained liberty &/c.
found myself in an unfamiliar place, trying to find my way back home
won poker, lost table tennis.. eventually
mi goreng noodles for late breakfast, started writing out all the things we have to get fixed in this place, it's a long list
"is it just me or am i on my own again?" genius!
ok, switched over to the darkness, give it to me justin hawkins!
listening to woody guthrie while doing the dishes, thinking about becoming a ramblin' man.. hey when did youtube get hd video?
a drawn out dusk, slowly sleep sets in
blood on the tracks and it must be mine, fool on the hill and i feel fine
contemplating seinfeld season 7
could that have been her walking down the street? pregnant, very pregnant. she's gone now
shopping in the city, just bought a cheap backup mic for rehearsals, hoping my sure 58 shows up
feels like i haven't eaten in days, heating up some leftovers, listening to robert johnson
thankful it's started to cool down, always missing out on going for a swim with the others, have work to do
delving into new territory, though the playing field remains the same, games at the park
sitting over the fence at the neighbours place, playin the blues
this heat is seriously insane, had to stop off for a somethin to drink
last day of 2008, hoping to spend it well, going down south to visit an old friend
swimming in joel's pool next to the tivoli last night was amazing, wishing i was there now, so hot
last of the performers' cafe finale dvd's is burning. filming, editing, and producing a show of that magnitude was harder than expected
fire alarm in the rain, looks like it's a drill
fletch just called............. he's at the beach................. what am i doing still at work?
researching the upper levels of some culty type documents at wikileaks.org to get some ideas, interesting scales of deception/enlightenment
ok, pretty sure the network is all back up and kicking, scheduling packets like nothing even happened
@djackmanson similar to the film bubba ho-tep, where elvis swaps places with an elvis impersonator
man on the moon, wondering if jerry's suspicion that andy kaufman faked his death and is now singing for rem, could be true
sweet, get to drive one of the new work cars to pick up this new network hub
network hub was fried.. oh and i wish i wish Ashley hadn't hit the factory reset switch on the modem, thinking that would help
got the call in from work, attempt in vain to have today off
attempting sleep at last, have tomorrow off work, so i can get some real work done
watching some edie sedgwick vids on youtube, think i'm going to start making films, properly
sleep hovers like a sullen raven overhead, famished, and will soon be upon my nodding head.. after some more bedtime energy-lift boost juice
@kissability i have fond memories of walking along that pier up at redcliffe..
just found out that you can actually turn user account control off in vista, good, it was beginning to bug me
"The problem with Wikipedia is that it only works in practice. In theory, it can never work." - http://twurl.nl/ww56b7
the guys just came back from their 6 hour drive to nowhere, the deep south. wish i'd gone
@sophiebenjamin too late! already signed up. haven't signed any bands though yet except our experimental Plastic Sunshine Electric Band :P
listening to my old band on last.fm oh the memories
transaction successful, ticket to sunset sounds is booked! http://www.sunsetsounds.com... now just have to get the thursday off work
thinking about starting a record label, messing around on last.fm
much too hot, shower time, then editing, perhaps some food, and rock n roll evangelism
cyclone paddle pop in the park brings a calming chill on such a scorching day. time to write
thinking of making an escape soon to better use this day to work on some songs etc
there's maybe 6 people in the office today, virtually no work for my volunteer to do.. hmm, what can i get them to do?
entering dreamland
work tomorrow, will be grateful for some sleep, lots to accomplish in the coming weeks
won best two out of three match of pool with fletch up at the brunswick, epic
the end of pink floyd now on to drive down abbey road
getting hungry, for a great many things
perhaps the latest i've ever slept in, people just seem to keep me up on those sleepless night, up past the dawn
traversing the thin spiders' webs of social solitude
sunrise is coming
waiting for something/nothing
waiting at benny's behind new farm bowles, full from mango curry
nana nap time
drinking pine orange juice to sooth the savage beast
out in the sticks, handed over 5, got back 6.75 and some chips
had some toast for "breakfast" now getting ready to head over to zoran's for some rock n roll
decorating the walls, wondering how it got so late so quickly, the night, the existence
internet just got shaped, packets shipping through port dock now painfully slow, in and out
a new song, memory lane, seems to be slowly but surely evolving itself inside the mind, laying down some tests now
just gave the presents to the neighbours, got a greatest hits dylan on vinyl in return, sweet
christmas seinfeld
lying on the park bench, so full!
heading up to the tower for xmas lunch, the dogs liked their present.. dog treats!
hanging pictures on the wall, john lennon, mick jagger, edie sedgwick so far, putting new printer to good use
getting ready for xmas lunch picnic, last minute wrapping
@urchincreature hoping your day is blessed with christmas cheer of every kind, sending infinite love and well wishes
yardbirds to see in christmas, happy jesus and mary chain day to all! love
about to go spin up abbey road on the turntable. early christmas presents are tops
@Taezar mmm, i love cherries
james forgot his present for mel, and foolishly offered to scoot it up to him. all wet now, though it's stopped raining
fletch is off to see family, leaving me home alone on xmas eve. somehow seems wrong
half price fruit and veg at coles new farm just announced over the speakers. sweet
enough christmas shopping for other people, i'm buying myself Seinfeld season 5 and 6
marvelling at the commercial extensions of society
son in the sky, asking me why, he never can fly, in the dead of the night
just got band posters printed, needing to find a cheaper place for next time
lots of shops i was planning to visit are closed today, thinking of backup plans
hallelujah! the computer we thought had dearly departed, is risen once more. a christmas miracle by tapping on the video card
christmas eve, still a bit of shopping to attend to
most likely overanalysing the geometry of this poster http://twurl.nl/zxoqbo
flicking screens, i need sleep
brief stop in at kissy trouble's thing, she had a santa pinyata, wish i could have stayed
dropping cd templates at cal's
another soul lost to the computer graveyard, though he left beeping and buzzing to the bitter end
had it, from now on i am no longer on call 24 hour free emergency tech support even for family, have to make a stand, it's ruining my life
@kafeen any tub of ice cream wouldn't last two minutes around here :P
coffee taste and temperature tests came back almost on the mark, a few more minutes in the freezer and it will be golden, heavenly
put the coffee i just brewed in the freezer, too hot for coffee anything but iced
a present! pinot noir chardonnay on my desk thismorning. christmas spirit is in the air
last day of work for the week!
a music makin evening, some divine chicken salad, kicking out songs, listening to blood on the tracks, sleep
i swear these green ants can smell my lunch, cause everywhere i move to, they come running
almost forgot that i did actually bring lunch today, honey soy, was almost out the door
shaved with the proper 3 blade razor thismorning, instead of the dodgy old disposable one i've been using, can feel the difference
slipped my mind that i was going to have a volunteer to help me today.. now, to find him some work to do
shave, brush teeth, shoes on, out the door for work, morning routine
thought my camera had good walkabouts, but it was beside the bed the whole time
back from talking to cal about cover artwork, had a jenga faceoff, and played living room putput
@urchincreature wishing to see you sometime soon, when you're well, or i could bring some chicken soup
fixed taps and computer at mum's across town, nearly time to hit the road to nowhere again
posting lamp party photos to facebook, part I http://twurl.nl/m6s8fq and part II http://twurl.nl/wrro3o
@bengrubb we were probably over at new farm park, catch you at the next one
cleanup wasn't so bad, good to see some twits there like @lexiphanic and @websynth and nice to meet @tempyra going through photos now
lamplight preparations - photo http://twurl.nl/x0ziuo
sunrise over the park
oh to be the mater and not the matered
lava lamp successfully bought for all tomorrow's parties
full of sushi, looking for a vinyl copy of led zeppelin iii or iv, so far unsuccessfully
my jaw hurts, why did i just buy chewing gum?
jimi just dropped around, borrowing the PA. i'm about to head into the city, hopefully will find a ukulele and other miscellaneous gifts
also noticed lyrics about "the path" as they head up the yellow brick road, also the tin man conversation explanation in the final song
synchronicities noticed in dark side of oz: plane sound overhead as dorothy looks, which is which sung during the witches, marching to beat
the first rule of fight club is: you do not talk about fight club
i sentence you to be exposed before your peers
neighbours have asked us along to see the two pink floyd movies tonight at the globe, one is wizard of oz synced with dark side of the moon
facebook bug? our "secret" event keeps getting set to "open". oh well, may as well put it out there now http://twurl.nl/in1qji
@iusebiro going to start using "failwhaling" in real life i think, more often, you should too, ha!
failwhaling, time for lunch
upgrading myspace profile http://myspace.com/phocks9 to the new 2.0 version, no more hacking css directly into the about me html
@dfbeales the @attractors may bust out some tunes if the mood takes us.. it usually does
organising our backyard lamp party for saturday night. all you lovely twits are invited as well. dm or @reply for details. bring a lamp
got to work on time with 4 minutes to spare thismorning, though it doesn't seem much, it is a monumental occasion
going 100kph on the freeway, winding my way home
off to rehearsal in west end. rock n roll
wallowing in christmas consumption
wondering if commonwealth bank site is down for everyone or just us... oh wait, just came back up now. disregard
thankful for aircon, at job #2, but thinking about other things. need coffee
falling asleep.
surprisingly this vista installation is going quite well
right, time to hit the road. beers and tacos with fletch up the road tonight for a bit
concerned that ingdirect interest rates have fallen to 4.75% the fed must be printing money out of thin air again. thinking of buying gold..
@memily managed to get back the undo close tab functionality - a rogue add-on - i don't know how i managed without it prior to firefox 2.0
eyes watering from wasabi overload, thinking about getting a coke
walking in the sun to get sushi, going to start writing song number two
trying to fix the undo close tab function in firefox. it's broked.. for some reason
feels strange paying less dollars than litres of petrol in the tank
staying awake, beyond all reason, the mind wanders, beyond all reason
mastering audio mastering technique
put the christmas lights up in the front window, now buckling down to get a million and one things done before the world comes crashing down
@darksbane branches, twigs, leaves, lightning, coastlines, snail shells, fungus, snow flakes, broccoli, cities, froth in coffee :)
looking for fractals in nature, there are a lot
lennon over the airwaves wishing happy xmas and war to be over
testing the twitter gadget in gmail, liking the special symbols ☭ ☮ ☯
work starts its circular cycle once more, thinking about breaking free
another tech support for family call out, lunch as payment so not too bad
conceptualising consecutive conceptual concepts
sweating in the night, pondering the world outside
going underground for a while
got a feeling today is going to be a hot one
can't believe i won that last hand on a pair of twos
getting a slurpee to celebrate winning the poker game. it was a real close one
@balajism down on brunswick st, new farm park end. people are friendly around here :)
was just given a doughnut by two girls on the street while taking the bins in. hope it wasn't poisonous, cause it was delicious
vista is a hell of a lot prettier, i'll give it that..
was growing tired of xp's strange winsock error that kept kicking me off the net, so upgraded to vista x64 ultimate.. god save me :P
leaning that i shouldn't take nathan's advice on chess moves, guitar hero world tour now. i'm channelling keith moon
out from work, now visiting nathan. nephew mj is at his mum's
subversioning blog up to wordpress 2.8-bleeding cause wordpress 2.7-final has just been released into the wild blue http://twurl.nl/c2vc84
@shortyawards I nominate @lexiphanic for a Shorty Award in #personal because he is all over every single active local twit with @replies :P
setting up emails for the new domain, feeling bland, like cheese
@miranda_jane that reminds me i haven't even begun any christmas shopping yet. guess i'll just leave it till the last minute as per usual :)
developing ideas for a concept album, a rock opera of sorts, akin to The Who's "Tommy", or "Quadrophenia", though progressively evolutionary
@kissability there's been a little resistence with the other @attractors as we don't have access to a string quartet. will keep trying :)
how am i not sleepy? song ideas spring eternal upon the page at this late hour, of dreamer #115 and fab four lullabies
chose another song for the beatles tribute night - the night before - fletch is going to have a go at singing it. i'm on backups
a chat with my cousin andrew up north in townsville. i should go up and visit him sometime, a chance to escape the city
hoping the storm doesn't engulf me and the vespa on the way back. wondering if i should split now to beat it before it comes
upgraded us to 60GB plan. should hopefully kick in at the stroke of midnight. surely that'll be more than enough
compulsory workplace health and safety meeting, feeling dragged away
over our net quota again at work. ok, who's been downloading? oh and who uploaded 2GB on the 22nd? hmm, coulda been the mailout..
coffee draws me asunder
removing headspace from worldly, day-to-day triviality
blood on the tracks, and they must be mine, fool on the hill, and i feel fine
it's too hot to do anything, oppressive heat..
lunch time
looks like it's going to be a hot one, need to get to work
writing a song
home, fletch's out, not the time to be in the valley, asked once for change, once to score "gas??", and once about my emotional state..tired
shooting alien ships at rics, out of practice, still got top score of the evening
looking over kangaroo point, cars over the river, wondering what it's all about, heavy heart, even heavier mind, alone
checking out the new coles and palace cinema shops up near caxton st, not bad
@rainbowhill thinking about doing up another one to put up later, a better one, and wait till twitter fixes its image upload bugs
just temporarily testing out this animated twitter profile pic thing, am going to change it back now, as not to annoy
i have no idea what i'm doing, stabbing at shadows methinks if i could wager a guess
why is the net running so slow? maybe i should get out and push
checking out @definatalie's artwork http://redbubble.com/people... impressed!
impressed by response for artist call, thanks twitter, now if i can just unblock the tip of this mechanical pencil..
searching for mind-blowingly good visual artists in brisbane.. a tough find perhaps?
@kafeen depends upon what you percieve as an enhancement, and how that perception evolved in your mind to begin with
thinking about elevated states of mind, as perceived as elevated states in mind, and the influence this creates
enabling gmail tasks in labs http://twurl.nl/4u5tx8
@fmll i've got it, oh noooo! that's it. it's not just the hypochondria talking :P actually i just got a coffee and biscuit and am ok now :)
not sure if this sensation in my stomach is hunger or some kind of stomach bug.. i'd better eat something just in case
wondering if this is what they might call insomnia
preliminary test prints of album art from new photo printer are very promising, still need to try out printing direct to cd, then we're away
was great to see @annarchy down at the shire, 'twas a good night, even though i couldn't stay for long, delectable vege burger
a-headin on down to the shire. haven't been there before
scanning polaroids of the strange attractors, pretty much set on the logistics of our cd production, now just need to source some artwork
probably heading down to officeworks after work to look at getting a cd/dvd inkjet printer, canon pixma most likely
developing a proof of concept for a cardboard, vinyl-record-like cd sleeve and cover design, suitable for single or double albums or singles
wondering how our good old sweedish pal is going, having to leave the country, for 6 hours, waiting in the airport, then he's returning
desperately need coffee, desperately need a whole lot of other things too, though coffee seems to be the only one readily available now
irked that my powers of perception did not recognise the chain reaction of events that would lead to the destruction of my effects pedal :(
leaving for work. the grass needs to be mowed again
time wasted enough for tonight, sleep soon, a new dawn and day awaits in the morning for those who follow the sun
washed, rinsed, and repeated to use up the rest of the shampoo and conditioner
interesting jam, a bit of frisbee in the park, pizza and chat about the importance of a good meeting story in respect to a relationship
oh dear, just remembering the massive pistachio nut fight from last night, not envying corey's clean up job today
lauren brought some hannah montana mic candy that actually works, getting some sweet feedback from it now
editing is done, almost, good enough for now, getting ready for corey's birthday party, gotta pick him up some fine cigars on the way
seems facebook has hd video now.. interesting.. my vid just got converted http://twurl.nl/bdyqjy
@Scarlettjen :) HAWT like the weather today, HAWT like your fiery locks
@websinthe that's exactly the word my housemate used to describe the heat just a moment ago
we really overestimated the amount of food that we would need, so hot today, heading back home now
sitting in the park by the river. there's police boat joy rides going past every few minutes with a bunch of waving civilians
up again, staff bbq in orleigh park begins in about half an hour, better get ready
sleep at last
ghost foxes are playing a game of go in the garden as @teafox sleeps, wow haven't seen that one before, must be late..
blogging, drawing evolutionary parallels, inviting the tech deity elite to come down and hack our wireless network http://twurl.nl/p2i7jk
craving an escape down to the country, would surely be a fool to follow me, though someday soon we all will be free
should perhaps do the dishes while this 13gig video file copies from the laptop to the other computer
for an extra $10 a month, just upgraded us to cable extreme, up to 30Mbps instead of the standard 8Mbps download speed
@mizminh 13th of february at the troubadour, beatles tribute night, lots of bands doing a few songs each, and eleanor rigby for @kissability
wanting to play my new guitar again http://twurl.nl/u2tkx0 but we've got no shows booked until the beatles night in feb, better get booking
flipped david bowie, now he's singing about andy warhol
editing video.. or i would be if this dastardly footage would capture properly and stop freezing the computer!
oops left the username off one of my @replies before, now who was it to again..
stopped in to my other work on the way home to pick up the laptop power cable, battery wasn't going to last the whole weekend for sure
@ :) you're sweet
fillin up the vespa, amazed at how low petrol is at the moment
can't wait till wordpress gets a better way of handling page ordering "we know this is a little janky, it’ll be better in future releases"
slowly getting the hang of this jaiku thing. add me here http://phocks.jaiku.com/ otherwise dm or reply if you need an invite code
a little shaken, taken aback, by some sad news of passing, though we knew it was soon approaching. sending condolences down south now
jaiku has im and phone notifications, feels like twitter back in the good old days, what made the service so lovable in the first place
last nite recap: beer walking talking beer rics beer txt yolande benny the globe ninja swords beer hannah violinist scotch home stone roses
heading out for beers with fletch in a bit, probably brush upon alibi and ric's then perhaps to the globe to see our good old boys in DZ
we have ignition! bigpond cable is now up and running and broadcasting wi-fi to all computers in the house
sweet, managed to get a jaiku invite from http://jaikuinvites.com/ :) stopped raining, heading home now
attempting to hunt down a jaiku invite code to test it out, as it looks like hell will freeze over before google emails me one..
rolling thunder, pounding rain, comin' on like a hurricane, lightning's flashing across the sky, you're only young, but you're gonna die
got a reply on twitter from @BigPondTeam welcoming me to the service. i'm impressed
asked tanya if she wanted me to pick her up something for lunch, wasn't expecting her to accept
wifi cable modem just arrived from bigpond, will be extremely liberating to have proper, real-life, internet at home at last
no internet censorship rallies are being held next saturday all around australia http://nocensorship.info/main/ (via @miranda_jane)
wishing i knew nothing about computers so i didn't have to be personal 24 hour free tech support for certain family members..
aha! this nightly tester tools add-on allows you to override extension compatibility http://twurl.nl/swhtkh
testing firefox 3.1 beta, though all add-ons bar stumbleupon are apparently incompatible, looking for ways to beat it into submission
managed to get to work on time, though i was planning on getting here early, traffic is a killer, time killer, never enough
watching the lightning from the front stairs, waiting for other people to arrive
luke from next-door came around to borrow the industrial-strength whipper-snipper, had some trouble getting it started, but now it's buzzing
@benexia oh no, you've turned into a computer virus or spyware application! that's happened to me before, be sure to consult your doctor
per just stopped in with his skateboard, on the way home from down by the river, sweating a river, he'll be back here again tonight to jam
just realised that my source video was out of sync with the audio and it wasn't just the editing program as i had assumed. such time wasted!
finally sitting down to finish editing this music café finale video, just deciding on the best way to present it
successfully took vessey to get her back tyre patched.. back on the road
@paulkidd ha! agreed, it's quite likely that the only thing Pete Townsend will smash on stage this time is his hip :P
@mijae buy low and wait for it to grow :)
thinking i'll try to get tickets to The Who, though it's not really The Who without Keith Moon is it? wonder if Townsend will smash anything
yahoo stock is up! i gained $83, although i did just sleep through and entire day of trading, blast living on the other side of the panet!
oh no, turned the light on, and they're all over the ceiling!
being eaten alive by mosquitoes, itchy all over, closed all windows and hopefully thats the last of them
standing on the roof of sarah's house. no one else will get up here with me
sitting around on the porch, discussing various topics including stink bugs having sex and shoes made of python leather
venturing across the river for dinner with friends, wondering what it will be, wondering what will be..
the little black ants were enjoying what was left of my sweet coffee and are now hunting around everywhere for it now that i've washed up
just signed up for virtual stock exchange http://vse.marketwatch.com/ and bought 100 shares in YHOO, i know, but GOOG is to expensive
checking out google finance, considering an investment experiment using twitter as a forecasting tool http://finance.google.com/
no one really used pownce anyway did they? signing up for http://vox.com now as per email, though not sure i need another ad-riddled blog..
finally getting back into reading 'on the road', wondering if it's the transport industry primarily responsible for all the anti-hitchhi ...
blown away again by the stone roses track 'don't stop', finding it hard devising strategies to top that..
adding information to this new google profile thingy http://twurl.nl/xi0ddl "s2" seems to be part of a new site sharing strategy
forgot to set the alarm, though still woke up on time, looks like the body clock is ticking over ok
three's 3g internet was down, was beginning to feel very disconnected from the rest of the world
just realised i totally double booked tomorrow night, one so exiled should not even single book. cleaning room, the trials continue
home, police car blocking the driveway, oh it's just two blonde female cops arresting some other chick.. right..
oh my oh my limp covering of the who on triple m, why oh why?
found a little nugget of childhood memory while going through some of my old things, something thought lost forever, and still may be
testing out google video chat finally with my old webcam that was back home, seems to be working well, should be able to record conversation
@lexiphanic haha, sweet sky smiley face, moon mouth and two star eyes :)
watching californication s02e07 "in a lonely place" and eating dinner, thinking about a self-imposed exile in december
booked in for wednesday to get the vespa back tyre patched, heading to mum's to pick up a few things, ironing board & a guitar for @Conjure
cleaning up gmail contacts and trying to find email addresses that are missing
going across for a late lunch, feels strange that i don't have to write a few thousand words today, though might work on this concept al ...
finding active twits in and near brisbane using twitter search http://twurl.nl/la45ta
updating wordpress blog with svn on phone using MidpSSH java app - photo http://twurl.nl/7o2kxz
@miranda_jane it is rumoured that all who read this novel will descend steadily into madness, so for your safety i'm keeping tucked away :)
sweet, got $40.38 interest last month from ING, tackling that GFC! (fletch's term for the global financial crisis, he got from work)
at work, changing to the tea house theme in igoogle to match gmail :)
mixing hollywood now, having a lazy night in tonight, getting pizza i think, wondering if we should invite a few people around
just relaxing, kickin' back, waiting for fletch, watching seinfeld, might pop next door to the fish n chips shop for another cyclone
@websinthe thanks, here's my user page http://nanowrimo.org/eng/us...
just "won" nanowrimo 2008! 50073 words successfully validated at http://nanowrimo.org
finished the final chapter with 181 words to go.. looks like it's time for a brief epilogue
@lexiphanic i have a ds, though unfortunately cannot make the croquet this time around
laptop battery ran out at the park, so had to come home. got only 847 words to write and then PARTY TIME!
sitting down in new farm park, about to finish my novel, just another chapter or two
writhing from the insanities of last night
scorching day, cold shower's effects already being negated, jamming before the party/show tonight
google docs is getting so slow now that i'm nearing completion, i don't think that it was designed to handle documents of this magnitude
zoran called, he was "workin' all night long, on the same old song" last nite. i told him that's what i was doing. he meant something else
picked up the vespa, went to the servo to pump the tyre back up, found out the problem.. a big nail sticking out, must have run over it
amazing what a difference moving a mic cable three centimetres to the left can have on the amount of static there is in the input
cooking butter chicken before mixing
glad i went to @btub met some interesting characters, sang mrs robinson pretty well according to some random iphone app
picked up the vespa, now either i punctured my new back tyre or someone let the air out of it while parked. hope it's the latter, and th ...
hmm... thinking maybe, just maybe of popping down to the ship inn, seeing as i'll be over that way anyway..
wishing there wasn't so much to be done so that i could venture out tonight.. heavy lies the crown, and all that, perhaps this burden lifted
writing writing writing, and mixing mixing mixing is on the agenda tonight, and if i get that done, maybe, just maybe i'll go out
getting oil and coolant, cold and slippery
unlikely that i'll be able to make @btub either this time around unfortunately, as the world is clamping down around me, but next time!
third cup of coffee, a real one this time, finally got confirmation email from bigpond about our cable broadband order
at work, second job, just registered their new domain name for them
44003 words written, wow it's late
having a jam tonight at ours before going to see jesus play at rics, stop in if you happen to be walking past new farm park, you'll hear us
more coffee to sooth the weary soul, why oh why so tired when sleep has been so abundant?
over at freedom for chathu's going away lunch, she's just about ready to burst with her baby
roughly calculated i've tweeted 84111.2 words total since joining twitter from an average of 19.8 words per tweet. wait, can that be right?
sending out "save the net" emails through getup.org.au http://twurl.nl/e8a1pw i'd be very surprised if this mandatory filter goes through
@fmll we're going to try to hire out the big hall for a show/party early next year, to rediscover brisbane bohemia and the true artisans
@corney cheers! victory still seems quite a long way off.. but it's closing in fast
looks like i'll have a chance to play the new guitar this saturday at the old museum backyard art party, sweet
stuck in traffic, stuck in the rain, getting drenched for work on the vespa, pulled over under a bridge, it's clearing now
42057 words, enough for tonight, i'm so tired i think i'll be asleep the moment my head hits the pillow
thought i'd sign in to my dormant hotmail account for fun.. arrrg movie ads for maccas with sound, no wonder i don't use hotmail
was going to try to catch the basics and bawdies at the zoo tonight, but bond when on for too long, not a bad film, but left wanting more
@miranda_jane absolutely unintentional stalking on my part. perhaps it's you who's stalking me :p
we got a sticky hand, a plane, and a bouncey ball with our tickets. now to see quantum of solace
ran into @miranda_jane crossing the street. we were both j-walking through stopped traffic
wow can't believe i slept in so late. heading up the road to get a mic cable before boyd rocks up
40016 words! almost fell asleep only a couple of times. day off tomorrow, james is coming around to record, otherwise it's write write write
@websinthe i have only 637 words to go, phew, looks like you might be seeing the sun come up. best of luck :)
not going to sleep until i hit 40000 words. wondering how many words i've written on twitter since joining. i could estimate..
just noticed the widescreen player on youtube, pretty neat, but vimeo does it better with their dynamic resize player.. no black bars
here comes the rain again, lucky cause i'd forgotten to water little bonsai and herb garden. hoping for a wet wet summer to end drought
making a midnight meal to aid the writing process, slash put off the writing process, or both. leftover pasta dish
recorded some hilarious yeah yeahs and woo hoos and had an epic jam, now just waiting on hendrik to capture his magic
the groove garden on flickr http://twurl.nl/tcwqxu experimenting with various retro photoshop actions
my little gmail fox is tending to his bonsai now, i'm wondering how my bonsai is going back at home, haven't watered him in a while
signed up for bigpond cable cause we couldn't find the telephone plug, just waiting for them to deliver the modem, hoping it isn't too long
installing a magento ecommerce store to test it out after stumbling upon it thismorning, seems pretty good http://magentocommerce.com/
really loving this tea house gmail theme, with the little fox who does different stuff throughout the day and night :D
facebook offered to buy twitter for $500 million!? oh, right, only in facebook stock, not cash. can i buy you for a share of me?
the vatican finally "forgives" john lennon for being bigger than jesus :) http://twurl.nl/gkqwhx
now i am literally falling asleep in front of the keyboard. all quiet on the dream front
went up the street for a slurpee, now the writing continues. might be able to hit 40000 tonight, but will be happy with 38000
getting sarah started on gmail, still listening to stone roses, can't get enough
leaving for pullenvale to pick up master tracks for our recordings
lunch time, need to feed this raging hunger before i fade away
i don't have to sell my soul, he's already in me, i don't need to sell my soul, he's already in me
blown away by a proper listen to the stone roses first (and only good) album, thinking of ways to top that backwards song "don't stop"
just finished the chapter, wordcount came out at 34666, last sentence was about no other demons available to do a callout. lol spooky
fletch's sister elena is over, she's done up a proposal, with references and everything, to sumbit to her mum in order to get a dog, haha
sweet new guitar. ed the sound guy gave us a good deal on a casino
$4400 they wanted for that 1979 gibson hollow body, a little out of my pricerange
they're playing bjm in cash converters. wow.. the song, also on my tshirt
highlight of lauren's party last nite was either the chocolate fountain or when we all jumped in the pool
place not open until 11, killing time, thinking about how we can effect the demise of lockout
seeing if tym guitars is open, checking out specialist facsist destroying machines
borrowing stone roses
finished writing. i have a long long way to catch up to and the road ahead is rocky and elephant road blocks abound
checked out the old museum as a possible venue, nice chat with a temporary resident mark about urban bohemia
just separated the conjoined mushrooms, cooking a creamy chicken with sundried tomatoes dish
listening to the new @attractors recordings!
recovery from shambles that was last nite, need to get a present for lauren, need to catch up on writing
first band is just setting up now, we're on at 1130 if you're around west end way. tongue and groove
ha! they got our name wrong on the board. stranger tractors! we changed it to strange actors :)
they're watching flight of the concords in the other room. i like it ok, but it's certainly no mighty boosh by a long shot
in the garden having lunch, feeding a very tame magpie
the pond at work is full again, virtually overflowing from the rain, sorely needed as the water level was getting so low, poor fishies
@megbar you're just not doing it right ;)
gmail themes, sweet! in at work, testing the server and setting up for karuna christmas market
realising mortality, and the thin red line we all tread, while in a waking state. o what dreams may come
can't believe i made it to 30001 words! now my conscience can be at peace
can't believe, after all, still up and trying to catch up on my wordcount.. going to try to make 30000 tonight, but i don't like my chances
damn i missed running into @barrysaunders tonight at rics. ended up with yolande & friends back at werner's place. artist extraordinaire
the net just went out, probably from the storm
heading in to work, have to do the server changeover while no one is in the office. free reign :)
lost the tiara off my cowboy hat last nite :( lol. packed rics on a rainy wednesday
sitting up the top of the carpark with goldcoast Josh and his mates
picking up the z-man gee i wish he hadn't smashed through that barrier and lost his licence. rock n roll i guess lol
all good, managed to sqeeze though a window that a certain unnamed person left ajar thismorn, same person who flipped up the front lock
hmm my key isn't unlocking the front door.. don't have a backdoor key.. wondering how good my breakin skillz are
none were tight enough, the just jeans gal suggested a girls 8, fits like a glove :)
ok, got a good shirt and belt on sale, now just need some tight tight pants
stopped in at chermside, need food and a new getup for tonight
battling it out with windows live onecare. dodgy dodgy software
killer jam with per, hendrik, fletch, and sarah on tamb, bunch of musical geniuses we are!
going to be a wet ride home, laptop is rendering video in my backpack, semi-waterproof.. i think
finding things that rhyme with "head" so i can finish the final verse of "to get her, together" for wednesday's show at rics
sushi time!
thinking of switching to last year's Q10 editor, though google docs is going ok, maybe need the timer & target count http://baara.com/q10/
and as the house slept, sitting there, illuminated only by the dull light of a laptop screen, our protagonist again bashed away at his novel
listening to early rolling stones, really really really really early
bah too much work, rehearsal for @attractors wednesday show tonight anyway so i'm splittin
i got about 700 words, now just waiting for 5pm to click over so i can clone the backup server back onto the (hopefully) fixed real server
finally managed to slip away, now to write like the wind!
i was supposed to get out of here to do some writing sometime today, but it's been too busy, and too rainy
testing clamav antivirus software by feeding it this: X5O!P%@AP[4\PZX54(P^)7CC)7}$EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE!$H+H*
while twitter was failwhaling last nite, i passed the 25000 word mark in nanowrimo http://identi.ca/notice/112...
whoa, just got this strange feeling like i'm leaning 45 degrees to the right, but i'm sitting upright.. odd
portable bible study tool, lol http://twurl.nl/cxikbn
installing stuff from portableapps.com on new usb stick, present from mum, going to try REALLY hard not to lose this one
the storm has passed, over my head, not over my heart
when it rains it pours
headed over to the park for a bit to write and try find kate and friends, but dark clouds are hovering overhead. laptop's not waterproof..
an absolute pleasure meeting @miranda_jane @benexia & @CameronCollie in real life last nite & seeing @megbar @lexiphanic & @Conjure again :)
watching seinfeld while eating camembert cheese. word on the street is there's a storm a-brewin'
randomly ran into fletch in the city, saved me cause i didn't know what bus to get home. didn't think of the citycat. getting it now
just picked up Seinfeld season 4, then yadda yadda yadda, then really tired in the morning
trekking to the city, son in the sky, never raised an eye to me
bought some wine for the party after, may have to hide it if i wanna go to the alibi room first
made it past 23000 words! still a long way to catch up, but getting there, home, then alibi room, then house party, then troubadour maybe
thinking of getting a cyclone iceblock from the fish n chips shop. they're divine
writing catch up, still trying to get the glitter off myself from tinkerbell last night
falling asleep, glitter all over me from tinkerbell at the party
looking up the address for this barbeque, wondering if i can make it to erin's disney party after. anyone got some mickey mouse ears?
even with all this rain, the karuna pond is still looking a little sad and in need of water. bring on the monsoons!
this is genius, tarantino talking about mass subversive homosexual themes in top gun http://youtube.com/watch?v=...
3.5 grams of arctic silver thermal compound was $25 wow. it better keep the server cpu cool like the fonz
tech future meeting was promising, nice catered lunch. back to work now
running late
got distracted by the pretty lights.. going to sleep now for reals
20069 words done! tired, need sleep now. goodbye cruel world.. zzzzzzzzzz
about to fall asleep at the keyboard, need to hit 20000 words before my head hits the pillow
just made a new predictive text coincidence discovery, that "kiss" and "lips" are the same keypresses haha
listening to who, the magic bus, red vinyl, makes it sound better
down the road for a slurpee, the stoned guys in front of me just tipped the guy around $6 change out of a 20
trying to catch up on writing went down to the park but it started raining a bit
incredible how quickly last nite descended into chaos. ended up staggering home at dawn from ben werner's place.. recovering now with boosh
wait a second, yes it did.. checked just before and was positive it wasn't there. must be going nuts
twitter mobile was down last nite after leaving greg and kate's, i sent one via txt but it didn't get that either..
ran into jon and jesus at alibi, now at rics
walking up brunswick now, moon rising over old archbishop's turret upon the hill
taking a bit of a writing break tonight i think, planning on going up to see @Conjure & @lexiphanic soon after recording
@Conjure when it rains it pours, so busy with work and nanoing and attractoring. and yep, cut it all off (lol) got gmail so you can see?
gmail now has video chat? when did that happen? http://ping.fm/yhYHC
at second job, sorting out backup system. the one they have currently is kinda shonky.. windows live onecare
got free chupa chup from the liberty petrol station on sandgate road :)
there's one spot along airport drive that smells of delicious popcorn. smelled it both ways
dropped sarah at the airport, now trying to find my way out
just hit 300 followers, remarkable the mind's natural inclination towards nice round numbers.. in base 10
just had a quick jam with fletch working on some plastic sunshine and other miscellany, running guns got their mixes back from recording too
goin back down, to kansas to, bring back a little girl, just like you
need a coffee, a real coffee
starting to get hot in here, turning the fan on
i don't know what it is i like about you, but i like it a lot
ok, got it off with a screwdriver, a big dodgy but it worked. but i have no thermal compound to put the heatsink back on now. toothpaste? :P
getting stuck into replacing the motherboard on the server. took the cpu out and it's stuck to the heatsink. oh noes, where's the hammer? :P
@websinthe perhaps the first to recognise that monty python quote :)
meeting to discuss the future of the future movements of the organisation
@tempyra didn't make the kickoff, hope to attend some kind of thank-god-it's-over party :)
flight down south successfully booked, will be my first holiday in about 2 years.. sorely needed
16830 words! actually ahead for once though rather tired after all that. introduced misty the talking cat to the only one who can't hear her
thinking it probably was not a good idea to have that coffee a few hours ago, already feeling my morning self's disgust at my night self
taking a look at my archive of tweets from this time last year instead of writing like i should http://twitter.com/phocks/s...
was checking out flights for a hobart venture early next year, $207 return on virgin special, have till thursday to decide..
@katofawesome you made it! here's hoping we can both get to the daunting 50000 by december, fingers crossed
had to get out of the house, so now sitting across in the park in the dark. wrote a whole bunch of good good stuff though. back for tea now
@urchincreature i'm writing, i'm writing. don't think i could get through it without all the support, oh and especially the nagging :P
continuing this uphill battle with my seemingly stubborn nanowrimo novel. thanks twits for the net advice
ok, maybe reconsidering going wireless broadband, though don't want to get phone connected & haven't heard good things about naked dsl
traversing far northern suburbs, a visit to be paid to my (pseudo)nephew m.j.
looking for decent wireless broadband deals, wondering if anyone has any favourable reviews of providers? needs standalone wifi router..
wondering how to easily detect abandoned twitter accounts that i'm following http://gsfn.us/t/n0n
feeling the weight of the world beneath me
sushi was especially satisfying today. here's hoping @KatJohnston got her sushi fix as well :)
craving sushi. will attempt some writing from the viewpoint of earl's little brother, walter s. fisher while i'm down there
@kissability there's a few hashtag scripts, this one seems to be the best, you can choose where to link to http://twurl.nl/uffpdr
testing out various twitter greasemonkey scripts, found one that links hashtags, going to write one that hides/shows replies on the fly
briefly contemplated not shaving the mo thismorn, but quickly thought better of the situation
listening to the end of week 1 nanowrimo wrimo radio podcast http://twurl.nl/76k13r sleep awaits
@djackmanson using the force!
caught up! 15082 words done. stay on target luke
aiming on catching up to the other horses writing this race, the median horses, figuratively speaking
haha, a call from kirsty, nathan apparently has his christmas present already, electric guitar, apparently i have to teach him now
@kafeen didn't have any lemon, damn that would have been super tasty
pretty good jam, with a few mishaps along the way. i got to hold one of lauren's chooks, her name was bobbie dylan
writing, coffee is brewing, got a bbq/jam today at lauren's house... mmm holumi cheese :)
wow that was a hard write, still feeling last night's after-effects. 11665 words down, almost exactly one day's worth behind..
playing mr fixit. gave my dvd player to mum cause her's broke, now taking usb network adapter to sarah's cause the port on her laptop broke
writing sweat blood and tears.. still so hot
may have to go into hiding again..
just woke up from nap, still feel terrible, so hot, the clouds are looming overhead
so hot!
uninstalling flash 10 cause it broke the web, downloading flash 9
just broke first week's 10000 word barrier, now onto the dreaded week 2 wall, but not before a bit of weekend festivities. off to the party!
may have just coined a new word 'emperorishly', seem to do that almost twice knightly these days
we are all unique in our indifference
heating up the oil to chuck some chips in, deep fried brain food, looking like i'll have to beat this novel into submission, to break 10000
got to get out of the house to try to catch up on writing. mr gray fisher must acquire that magical guitar, at all costs
@lyndalcairns i thought better of my decision and resurrected him, now preparing the second coming
developing a spirit of resistance to illegitimate authority, everyone else it seems can follow along with them
Trojan.FakeAlert.H successfully removed, just realised i left the laptop power cord back over the river, damn
just sitting here, the computer shut down and rebooted, now it's infected, ms onecare is useless
have to go to dinner on the other side of town, but i think i'm back in the swing of things, Earl Fisher is narrating again in his crazy way
chocolate sundae to the rescue!
actually... actually... scrap that, now i'm having a character dilemma, to be or not to be.. taking a walk to clear my head
sitting in a field, killing off my main character (in a way) just so he doesn't have to tell the story any more
levelled up on wakoopa.com to a "devotee" whatever that means http://wakoopa.com/phocks
that couple over there came in, ordered, ate their meals, and left, without saying a word to each other the whole time...
@KatJohnston that's pretty much the idea of nanowrimo for me, see how much nonsense fiction you can fit into 50000 words and 30 days :)
catching up on writing, ran into aidan (nanowrimo buddy) at the dandys last nite, he's got 10000 words already... !!!
txt from fletch: "I just saw a lady walk into a glass door." lol
lunch, no cash in wallet, time to test out this new commonwealth debit mastercard, if i can just remember the PIN
coffee, oh how i'd missed you so
the dandys were very pleased last night, saying 'finally it's not an embarrassment to be american'
just got to work, tanya says something about brilliant news yesterday, and i think she's referring to the dandys show, haha
the Support band kinda sucks, who are they?
going to the dandys :)
james is getting beers then we're heading up for pre-dandys drinks at corey's
7020 words, a far cry from where i should be, not so sure i'm liking this plot twist that seems to be trying to hijack the novel
@barackobama congrats! rupubs should have had ron paul running :)
rain steadily increasing, putting jacket on, trying to ignore background election chatter, going to get a cuppa and write write write
braving the intense fires of the leftover vindaloo, warming up for writing
ever so slight rain a-fallin, sitting on the steps watching the people go by
going to write a who style rock n roll opera in my head while dreaming. will catch up on nanowrimo wordcount tomorrow
crazy rehearsal, now uploading alternate rics poster i did up thisarv, gotta take the a3 prints in tomorrow http://twurl.nl/xseg7p
looks like rain, wonder if i'll get home in time
printing off these self-printable dandy warhols tickets.. yea sure my name's "heather", sure..
@heroinepretend let us know how zia goes in the show :) ps. good to see you back
thinking i should go for a walk and get some words down, jamming tonight puts me in serious danger of slipping behind
eating all my munchees they bought for the race, not to phased that my horse came last, it always does
the office is getting ready for melbourne cup
cleaning laptop screen, ready to show marketing the new site design, dns functionality on server is down so can't go live yet really
just scored 2 extra dandy warhols tickets, so that means, one spare.. who should i take?
i think i just sleepwrote about 2000 words, something about a forest goblin and a house-lifting tree. 5543 toal http://twurl.nl/z2x1vx
@megbar sounds splendid, if i wasn't the walking dead right now, i'd be up like lightning, may have to take a raincheck, keep kitty dry :)
@megbar wish i was up on high like you, so i could overlook the view
thunder clapping in the distance, sounds like it was quite near @pressedstarling actually, haha
just started raining, patter on the roof
burning the midnight oil to get chapter 2 in the bag. 908 words to reach quota. we need some more about the letter-writing fish in the pond
the boys got back from recording at valley studios a little while ago, the simplicity of a 2 piece, it's hot in this room, shutting down
recorded the harmonica and now sending this song, Out To Night to @urchincreature channeling the folk http://twurl.nl/c7bz5q
emptying what seems like hundreds of beer bottles into the recycling bin. wait a sec, it probably is in the hundreds
almost briefly contemplatively entertained the thought of watching a mighty boosh ep on the work projector..
ok ok, that'll do for now anyway. going home before i go completely nuts, to write chapter 2 of novel
wakoopa finally worked out the apps i've been using http://wakoopa.com/phocks wondering if you can delete any embarrassing ones :P
design is almost finished i think, still will be very late by the time i get out of here. i shouldn't be checking facebook
checking out http://wakoopa.com/ thanks to @Dramagirl :)
just got a failwhale!
network timeout issues at mediatemple grid-server, not the best of time for the dev site to go down :\ http://twurl.nl/jlu01d
sitting, waiting for my ticket number to be called. finally paying this thing
frankie just confirmed, zia mcabe from the dandy warhols is appearing in tomorrow's attack of the attacking attackers play
the nanowrimo site is still snailing along, working on completing this site finally, have a come up with a storyline for chapter 2 at lunch
@Conjure thanks! congrats on going public, but i was enjoying the little lock that looked like it was hanging from your nose in twhirl :)
@kissability friends over thought it a little strange, others from her group were a little apprehensive about coming in.. social boundaries
some people came last nite who apparently used to live in our house ages ago. they wanted a photo outside, but i let them in to look around
about to head down to the park, just waiting for corey and yolande and benny
3551 words written.. i threw in a magical record that keeps skipping and a quest to find new emitex record cleaner, over quota for once :)
on a roll, 2661 words. first chapter has a talking trout, luci the crossroad demon, and a nice pot of jagger root tea in it
yolande msged, wants to have beers in new farm park thisarv. should have written enough by 4:30 for a frisbee break. all welcome too :)
checking out halloween photos instead of writing http://twurl.nl/am4clg
the nanowrimo.org site seems a little shakey. seems to always happen around this time. i should stop the procrastination anyway
closing all unnecessary windows and apps, trying to catch up on my wordcount, incidentally, i'm using google docs for this year's write
dropped nancy off at work, no parking spots in the city so heading for the suburbs
@urchincreature wish i'd not arrived just as you were leaving. it was a real horrorshow night
just watched wonder boys with the others, hoping it would inspire some writing, already i'm behind.. always playing catchup
dinner up at the taj mahal, testing the vindaloo against indian kitchen. takes 2nd on sauce, first on beef in spicyness
had to go across town to fix a computer, saw a hooker standing on the corner of kent street on the way back
@Dramagirl not sure how "great" or "australian" (in the sense of its style) it will be. :) perhaps you should have a go http://nanowrimo.org
how to begin? - photo: http://bkite.com/027WM
fletch and james are rehearsing running guns, so i've gone across to the park, about to start my nanowrimo novel, good place to write
uploading photos to facebook, and will to flickr shortly. i need to clean up today, and oh yea.. start my novel
thanking everyone on here for their help @kafeen @fmll @rainbowhill @angusscown @kyepak @Conjure @amy_lou @miranda_jane best halloween ever!
the song stuck in my head all morning was the song that just came on, last playing on the ipod
it's unbearably hot and stuffy in this room, and a can't find my pants :/
party is splendid people are actually recognising the character
sewing a red lightning bolt to the front of my shirt
just saw edie sedgwick walk past.. now she's gone
Cowboy hat and feather boa! - photo: http://bkite.com/026zN
apparently there's a costume shop in elizabeth street. cutting it a bit fine
new debit card came - photo: http://bkite.com/026wZ
speed trap up near stafford heights state school catching people coming over the hill
ok, at my other job now, will have to go to the costume shop in the city afterwards and choose something random
@miranda_jane @conjure doesn't look like i'm going to have much of a choice. i always leave it till the last minute. i need my own costu ...
wondering where one might find a cowboy hat and boots, vince noir style not brokeback mountain
sprittin to try to find a costume
popping into the office for a bit, managed to dodge the website deadline until "early next week" which could mean up to wednesday :)
just sent off wrimo radio response, listening to pet sounds, got the urge to scan in my old notebooks for some reason, a few pages a day
emailing this stephen conroy guy about the net censorship thing minister@dbcde.gov.au i predict he'll be getting quite a few
finally putting something besides the beatles on my ipod shuffle. i guess a little extra variety won't hurt too much. welcome stones & dylan
@amy_lou yep i love indian kitchen, the spinach garlic cheese naan bread is to die for. vindaloo may be a bit too hot for me, had to try it
brainspark! possible costume idea. if i could get a couple of green jackets, fletch and i could go as the might boosh guys. i'd be vince :)
using mobile internet by the river, waiting for something, though i don't know quite what - http://bkite.com/025s6
@kissability one of my friends grew up in a byron bay commune. don't think i'd like it, too much of an individualist perhaps
indian kitchen vindaloo just about burnt my mouth clear out of my head, and now working on setting stomach lining ablaze. sinus remarkab ...
almost left laptop power cord at work. now off to see @urchincreature she's not feeling too well :(
ok, i've had enough, this content marketing has given me is WAY too wordy, no one reads on the web
still can't stop listening to that song we recorded sunday/monday http://twurl.nl/y4igd2 my fav line is "come sisters, cheer up" enigmatic
"War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength" -- Big Brother, 1984. if there is any hope, it must lie with the proles.. if..
aha! think i've just unwittingly stepped upon an overarching theme for my nanowrimo novel in november! :)
taking a break for a bit, the only one left here, and still lots of work to do.. and my mind is on imaginary free-market government systems
discovered twitter is not well adapted for discussion on conceptual politics. perhaps in future incarnations and evolution. feeling dazed
@mhblacksmith i regard the "welfare state" as the antithesis of freedom. i guess it's all semantics or whatever. maybe i'll blog it :)
@lexiphanic @barrysaunders maybe missing the concept except @mhblacksmith to a degree, voluntary contributions for the common good, untyrany
there's a willy wagtail bird out the window that keeps jumping on and off a kookaburra's back. cheeky little birds they are!
slyly escaped from the annual general meeting to do more design work
government truly of the people and for the people will not steal your money. voluntary taxation shall be enacted & freedom will increase
setting up the data projector for this year's AGM. everyone is running around like headless chooks!
if i go to this halloween party tomorrow night, i'll have to get a costume. tried brainstorming ideas last nite, but brain skies were clear
@Conjure will get you in on the afterparty if you can get me a ticket :) otherwise i may just have to see if i can buy one.. oh how common!
wondering what the hell my first chapter will be about for national novel writing month http://nanowrimo.org/
if only i knew someone in the media who could get tickets to shows for me..
@Conjure i wanna go see that attack of the attacking attackers. frankie was talking it up the other nite. i know lucas who created it too
printing out poster for when we put the rics house policy to the test on the 19th http://twurl.nl/4h8ksg
wow i just missed tweeting a huge chunk of my night last night. had a jam, went up to the zoo 'twas quite a night. saw @lexiphanic goin back
managed to recover my gmail contacts as they were saved on the comp at work. mindset slightly elevated
at coles gettin ingredients for dinner. fletch is off the beer and smokes this week apparently. it's strange
this stupid contact sync plugin just deleted all my contacts from gmail
changed mind, as usual, staying back to work on design work etc. feeling flat. might need some food and/or drink
having a shower, then just going to screw searching and go to the Chermside QT. hmm need to clean room, though not today
the queensland transport site is unusable, google maps tell me there's a branch in the valley, though i've never seen it... hmm
only just remembered i was boiling some eggs. they may be a touch overdone, but edible nonetheless
government plan to try to introduce national net filter, what is this communist china? yea right, plus it will be cracked within minutes
@Dramagirl & @CameronCollie the show was great, highly recommended. i played algernon when we put earnest on at uni, long time ago now
ok, i'm back home, gave up on trying to find the city queensland transport, too much traffic. is there one in new farm?
just walking through southbank to pick up vessey then it's time to get serious
frankie got us all 7 into the green room for after show drinks to meet the cast. good show
going to the theatre! frankie is playing cecily in importance of being earnest
turned monitor sideways to test it out, actually it's not too bad, esp for long web pages. a pic http://twurl.nl/i0mrfj
took a LOT of messing around, but now finally have a footer that clings to the bottom of the browser. works in firefox, chrome, safari, ie
at last! got this footer css positioning right thanks to a list apart and taking out all verticle margins http://twurl.nl/pic4bz
a cup of tea for a change, having a surprisingly good day for a change too
getting free stock photos for new website from stock.xchng http://www.sxc.hu/ brilliant site!
think i just caught a glimpse of the mouse that lives around here in the kitchen. we've been trying to catch him for a while.. humanely
will be using wordpress purely as a cms system for this website, a first for me, seems to be going well, saves me learning another system
someone gave me a mega pack of snakes. i'm sharing the love
sleeping patterns all askew. does not bode well for the coming week of approaching deadlines and new beginnings.. saying goodnight to all
@KatyDidSays i've found this pretty helpful http://useqwitter.com/ tells you who's stopped following you and what tweet they left after
most likely not worth the missed sleep, but completed a slightly better mix of King Lear and the Hunt for Moby-Dick http://twurl.nl/ht751x
just realising the mixdown is not quite right, have to play with the levels and do it again
i think it's just me, but the internet is going REALLY SLOW tonight..
just finished recording king lear and the search for moby-dick
workin back, a cup of tea, somewhere out there little storm bird's a-crowin', there must be something on his mind
so much work.. may sound silly, but all i really wanna do, is sell my soul, so i can rock n roll with you
federal express package from california just arrived. our server motherboard is here!
finally starting work on the design aspect of this new site, which i should have been starting thismorning. time, so, elusive..
beginning installation of digital encryption certificates on people's computers after some preliminary tests http://twurl.nl/60b47y
starting to read cryptonomicon, after 3 billion years of evolutionary survival, we're all stupendous badasses by birthright
uploading the video interviews for sunny queen eggs to drop.io now, no more authoring/burning/sending dvds.. win!
feel like listening to our experimental, electro funk, dub, folk prog, tribal 7 minute song we recorded last nite, but it's at home
recording fletch's drum odyssey
chopping the chips into various shapes and letters, some letters are harder than others to chop
@lexiphanic the pies should be ready around 4:30, plus we have beer leftover that we didn't put into the beer batter :)
getting ingredients to make beer battered chips and vege pies. we'll make quite a bit so come around
getting the gear from Corey's, think James got his birthday wish ;)
we made more than 1500 on the bar, room hire fee successfully waived :)
wondering what this cat diago's concept of the outside world is
just caught my first two qwitters, like following notifications in reverse. seems they didn't like my beatles singing http://useqwitter.com/
@lexiphanic the strange @attractors should be hitting the stage around 8:30 or so. i was surprisingly chipper thismorn, even after last nite
phone battery almost dead and not a small end usb cable in sight here. time to head home. corey's hosting jimi's pre-party drinks then jube
the long walk to bardon to pick up the car left from last night's party. a scorcher
@Rajinder he just lost it and went off his head, thinking we'd made off with some of the place's gear, as if we'd take any of that place ...
just randomly ran into darcy working at the rosalie bottle shop. he'll be shakin the tambourine tonight at the jubilee
feeling that warm fuzzy feeling of giving. $50 petrol dough to rachel so she can make it to armadale
the @attractors just got totally yelled at by the coked up manager where we played. mental. rock n roll
blaring beatles on the drive to get Zoran for the show, warming up vocals
laptop in the park, mobile net through 3phone, frankie's friend needs a guitarist to record some classical sheet music on sunday. hm anyone?
bought the most hardcore, deep conditioning, ultra aloe, vitamin e enriching lip balm i could find. ahh sweet relief!
right, figured it out, he actually tried splitting 2 ports on our network hub through a single line to another splitter.. fail
tech meltdown with outlooks dodgy way of handling contacts and address books, why anyone uses it is beyond me, plus that guy killed out net
thankfuly remembered to pack the leftover fried rice today so i don't starve. nuking it now
about to head over to this other job, here's a blog post on secure emailing http://twurl.nl/knqxbl
@lexiphanic not bad, though i don't know if you can do data on prepaid, not sure. i'm thinking of buying out my contract and going iphone
mumbo jumbo, taking liking to rhyming reduplications in the wild these days, linguistics evolution http://twurl.nl/5rnfr5
in for the morning at work, liking the feel of fridays, might see if i can change days soon permanently. web deadline is soon approaching
@thedublab just my zoom guitar effects box. sentimental value mostly, got it in highschool, played every gig with it, glad it's working now
thought i'd botched the soldering job on my effects pedal, almost cried (not really), but it came out ok after a good resoldering
youtube has ads that show before some videos? when did that happen? just saw one then while watching an official letterman clip
scanning the ric's bar house policy for a poster concept
house to myself, relaxing, encoding video, thinking about soldering the power plug of my effects pedal back in place and record something
i've had my old lip balm for about 3 years and it's still not all gone. bought a new one the other day, and it's lost already.. chapped lips
in one of the fishbowl meeting rooms in the city library. feels strange being on observation. siamese fighters
in the city for more interview training. lunch first
i suspect the twitter tools wordpress plugin is eating into my api call limit to excess
@rperdio @Rajinder yea i don't know what's going on with the weather up here lately, bipolar shifts. feels like melbourne weather :P
so late thismorning due to a certain someone.. random, crazy night last night.. coffee needed.. badly
@dwwithnall yea i don't think i ever paid for a game on that machine, and i played all the time. free credits are great
they took the pinball machine away at rics. it wasn't working anyway
freezing my tits off on the walk to the valley. atypical this time of year for brisbane
i'd been looking for my little camera for a few days. it was on my desk under a warranty information book the whole time. don't you hate ...
sending invoices, gettin paid, about to head up to the zoo to see neish and 1000 appologies
cooking the heartiest fried rice in history i think
i like external hard drives that you have to bang a few times hard to get going
setting up secure email certificates in thunderbird with comodo. they're free here http://twurl.nl/za4bng
bank manager cornered me, and she put me on some super duper new account/card thingy. sounded good at the time
going to cash my $5.56 cheque from telstra. they've tired of sending out the credited bills it seems
@joshsharp we won't get fooled again :)
tippin' my hat to the new constitution, taking a bow for the new revolution
"immense power politicians have to do harm to the economy, but very little power to do good they have, mmm" --yoda
it's all about spontaneous societal self-organisation http://is.gd/4wyE establishment is broken, limit government power, empower yourself
@urchincreature congratulations on the diploma, i know you worked so hard for so long on that. a lot of value in that printed piece of paper
coffee and californication
much too much clever destiny hanging over my weary head. fatigue is my only friend at this early hour
sleep, sweet mistress, so elusive.. wait, that sounds too familiar. methinks i tweeted that here a few weeks ago. i need a new metaphor
and in the immortal words of hank moody, "whatever you do, don't be another brick in the wall". always reference a reference of a reference
realising my affinity towards the unattainable.. not a very useful trait. or is it? could it be in what you find along the way? the paradox
@earleyedition video is playing for me, hmm only when logged in.. will be up at http://youtube.com/phocks64 shortly anyway
ok, was considering forking out the $59.95 for vimeo plus, but then remembered the aussie dollar is not worth the plastic it's printed on
writing in ron paul..... well, into youtube search at least
trying out dailymotion, definitely not as nice as vimeo, but not bad. the approaching storm http://twurl.nl/pdbxsv
storm chasing me all the way back, in the door just as the droplets begin to fall
thinking about reality as opposed to fiction, and the varying ability to distinguish between the two
thawte free email certificate system is pretty shonky, but it seems to be working http://twurl.nl/pa73bi
private jet i meant of course, though wasn't really serious.. obviously. mm lunch
lunch and posting dvds. need a flight to hobart over xmas. anyone got a private let?
setting up gmail imap in thunderbird now that they've improved functionality. lookin good
@kissability this is an old server motherboard we need recplacing. was hard to find a store that stocked it, so we're getting it from LA
postage for the replacement motherboard is almost much as the motherboard itself, but doesn't look like it's available elsewhere..
dissolutioned with vimeo.com's recent resctrict free and charge for premium tactics. eyes wandering elsewhere
not nearly as tired as i thought i would be. today might not be so bad
petrol for vespa, then to the front lines. onward!
the beginnings of tiredness setting in. weekend seems to have warped the patterns. tomorrow will be a sleepy tuesday
the time slips away, room still in such a state, night converted into video tech skillz. will be of use later. sleep would be nice. take me
i have a lot to learn about deinterlacing video. was doing it wrong before. should have just sprung for the extra and got a progressive cam
@sketchgrrl read receipts in gmail could be useful. seems like they've looked into it a bit already http://twurl.nl/82x85j
boyd is sweating everywhere, stinking out the jam room, haha
playing around with avisynth, deinterlacing video to play at 50fps. dinner nextdoor at 6pm, better hurry and encode
paid off credit card, about to go to lunch.. sushi maybe, and a chance to cultivate concept album concept from mind to paper to plastic
... error: bad url, timeout, redirect loop ... ... error: no page, no permissions, no service ...
two adapters with the same mac address don't really like talking to each other i've discovered
thinking about predominance of different bands in the worldviews of different individuals, and the relationship between thinker and thou ...
cleaning teeth, uploading stuff to youtube, about to see in tomorrow
a chance to put zeppelin on while fletch is out of the house getting pizza
yolande and sarah rocked up, should we heat up the bolognese or get pizza
all that is to be accomplished it seems is piling up, more and more, into little mountains and molehills of future ascent.. daunting
another real coffee brewed, psyching myself up to do some more work on this new site design
hoping it doesn't rain tonight or our whimsical plans for greenlighting in the open fields with flying disc shall be dashed without recourse
couldn't firefox extensions at least attempt to work with upgraded versions of firefox? don't take their word. downgrading again from beta
walking up the hall; there's mushrooms on the floor, not growing as in a midnight pasture, but dropped long before
found out we've been shaped by bigpond, how did that happen? some peeps around here have been naughty downloading i suspect
the internet is snailing along, maybe someone is downloading something, though that shouldn't kill the bandwidth that much.. elementary!
2 lanes squeezed to one. cars like atoms
driving, late to work, let someone in front of me, no thankyou wave..
playing wii fit, hoola hooping is way easier on this. just got top score :)
getting lunch ingredients, preps for a massive feast, leaning towards italian
got the full sized @attractors photo from city news south http://twurl.nl/jvm3y0
going out to shoot some flowers
breakfast is being made for me, listening to even more Who. "my love is vengeance, that's never free"
alibi and gerties look pretty shakin' no time to stop though, waved to some people while powering past though
walking up brunswick street, heading to rics, maybe i should hitch
getting cheap tuesday pizza, astounded by people who wait in thier car and leave it idling..
preps for media interview training in fig tree pocket, looking forward to running guns tonight at rics
going to try to make my escape soon....
the jackhammer guys have started back up, penetrating into my brain. closing window helps a little
stock.xchng http://www.sxc.hu/ is pretty good for free stock photos, getting website content now
sun tzu said "there are not more than five musical notes" in the art of war.. what? archaic. now wondering at limits of tonal perceptions
finally got google maps working on my phone, an older version, as the latest seems not to be supported
looking at new HD video cameras, oh i wish i wish jerry hadn't dropped my 3CCD panasonic on the concrete
rics bar, drawn from bees, lifted their name from a stones song i think, or was it bowie, something like that anyway
grabbing video camera for a job tomorrow and delivering jim's magic birthday beans
database problems, mssql server, ahhh
mad for it, mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, burning like roman candles exploding lik ...
reading 'on the road' at lunch. brush with the law went smooth with the simple stooge behind the counter, detectives out the back
just remembered i have to check in to fuzz so they can check that i really did get my back tyre changed. totalitarian control
memories of killer pythons immersed in slurpees last night and the gigantic burritos stuffed so full that they had to be eaten like tacos..
need to restring my guitar, had forgotten that i broke the low e friday night, right in the middle of the last song, hollywood
fire twirlers were hot! doch gypsy orchestra is cooking
trouble on your mind blues at the main roma st stage, looking for jim and the others in the sea of masses
is this still dan parsons? ha, private joke
put down the guitars, now on an odyssey in search of the real Who
just got the chewing gum out of the carpet with orange power goo remover!
waiting for a girl with curlers in her hair; waiting for a girl with no money anywhere; we get buses everywhere; waiting for a factory girl
up, ripping beggars banquet to itunes, supposed to go to the multicultural festival at some time today, may go to powerhouse first
let's drink to the hard working people, let's drink to the lowly of birth..
@kcdc joan did a pretty good show, yea? do you know the story behind the "as policewoman" thing?
vince from the mighty boosh is on stage. she's not too bad :)
laughing with @urchincreature about the 'no crowd surfing' sign. i'd like to see that with this act
acosted by @kcdc at the door to the globe, haha :) another real life twitter meeting. so strange
every toilet is locked or out of order. what is this a joke? gotta go before joan as police woman
"an old flame, never ignited, though never went out"
waiting for the citycat to new farm park, chasing paper, getting nowhere, on my way back home
strolling through southbank, looking at the world, noticing it's turning
"there is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare" -the art of war.. oh how king and country have changed, revolt
nice work last nite @lexiphanic i really admire your work :) catch you next time. you out tonight?
Fletch has apparently been locked out of the house, and i'm on the other side of town
heading to rics
rockin show
jim's birthday dinner at oyama, but have to get back pronto
tried to record, but it's just not happening, waiting for fletch and courtney, then heading to soundcheck
hooray for twitter mobile replies, now available. about to watch californication s2e2
@lexiphanic i think he means that they need to be worn in before they grip properly. pretty strange
:) was waiting for that lying when 17 reply.. both @lexiphanic and @fmll came through. congrats you guys win a pony
picking up bonsai, bike, and bass guitar, then have to go find a birthday present. courtney is coming with replacement louvers she broke too
he said new tyres are slippery when it's dry.. and even worse in the wet
why does it always rain on me?
'tyre' that is. having tech fail day today. walking up to lutwyche shops now to get cash out
stupid alarms, they should automatically detect when someone has obviously slept through them. vespa type being changed now
watched the rolling stones rock and roll circus with fletch, and got some brilliant ideas
home from rehearsal, i tire of band politics
always forget to account for traffic, should have taken Vessy afterall, slip through the cracks
cooking fried rice. hope it's worth the 2 day wait for the fresh rice to become "leftover" rice. smells good anyway
leaving early for once. looks like rain perhaps. maybe take the car to pick up the z man
infiltrating today's city south news media with @attractors propaganda, mwahaha!
calling around to see if anyone can change a vespa tyre by monday. not having much luck so far..
need more coffee, gotta get this newsletter design completed and sent out by the deadline, 40 minutes ago.. whooooooosh!
@Dramagirl by coke i mean "he got monkey finger, he shoot coca-cola" of course. i know you, you know me
got done for a slightly bald back tire on the vespa, unfortunate, at least he didn't find the 45kg stash of coke, haha, kidding!
arg traffic police, pulled over
we think we've caught hendrix mimeing a prerecorded guitar part at woodstock. bombshell!
hendrix just finished, now watching the cream guys' reminiscence
one of the new shirts http://twurl.nl/40ahk2 almost got the mod shoes. @lukerhn a friend took me there, it's near wooloongabba i think
finally started this new song i've had rambling around in my head, Colorado Snow. it's for a friend
putting more posters up in hardgrave road
ben sherman factory outlet. i'm in heaven
making the mother of all stirfrys :)
day off, laying in bed, listening to simon and garfunkle
enjoyed watching the taco eating competition tonight. reckon i could give them a run for their money.. next time
actually a touch chilly this early eve, stark contrast to last night
off to west end, more poster plastering, alibi later with the girls
my it team are the greatest, was about to leave early, but then noticed that the scheduled backup failed. fixing it now, then i'll split
scouting for sedgwick photos, storing ideas for a shoot
@sketchgrrl will you send us down some of your soup? airmail express! :)
workin for the daily mail, it's a steady job, but i wanna be a paperback writer
on the way to getting a massive lunch. so hungry i could eat a horse and chase the jockey.. heh, heard that the other day, retweet of sorts
oh dear, i'm in the courier mail social section. can't see yolande, though she did get snapped
organising rehearsal for thursday, big show on friday in west end
old box acting as substitute server seems to have survived the night, still up and serving away
the middle of night, and still so hot. many a waking hour the souls of vegas shall endure
@kafeen thanks thanks, i have a feeling tomorrow is going to ok. hopefully my optimism is warranted. hope yours is good too :)
just back from a quick poster run up brunswick street http://twurl.nl/o62hnz
finally restored systems here temporarily, now, what the hell am i still doing at work? i'm outa here!
almost fried the harddrive i spent the whole day getting up and running. exposed circuits are ridiculously bad design for harddrives
@lexiphanic sooner or later every man, woman & child comes to accept the foregone conclusion that justin hawkins is god :)
just set the alarm off, shyle must have armed it when she left, forgot about me bunkered up in the server room :\
remembering last nite's drunken argument with fletch about how justin hawkins' sheer spandex awesomeness far outshines jack white :P
well i guess i owe microsoft an apology, they weren't at fault, it was ibm and their dodgy motherboard components
can't believe this has taken the whole day. determined it is a hardware problem, the capacitors next to the cpu are shot, no spares around..
lisa bought me some sympathy chips & coke, well she sent jennifer to get them actually. food is calming the raging torrents
worst monday ever! backing up entire server drive so i can really rip into it and get it going. ps. microsoft, you suck
goddam you windows server 2003!! boot you bastard!
windows is starting up, looking promising.. not getting hopes up though
sitting, looking up in hopefull doubt as chkdsk does its thing. 64% fate of organisation in balance
to much of a good time in the park last nite. slept through alarm. now the server won't start :/
nothing happening here seriously
emma dean is on stage at the powerhouse, and i'm looking around for @lexiphanic
i would have bought that epiphone hollow body most likely had one of the allans staff bothered to come over. oh well, their loss.. or is it?
taking the 353 into suburban sprawl to pick up posters and vespa. a long trip
fought urge to buy that dylan book, but caved to another. sushi train now
modeling an established mainstream lame enough to mount an effective countercultural crusade
summer is coming around, my oh my that girl is hot
starbucks grande mocha frappachino with whipped cream. aircon in queensplaza is lovely
@lexiphanic nice frisbee work thisarv :) drop around anytime
beers on the smoking deck with the boys, heading to the troub a bit later
laughing at james's oversize massive zippo lighter
frisbee in the park, some nice throws and catches
ben and ash have arrived, we've got the party mix going and the man who fell to earth playing muted on the tv
wrote a folk song, going to try to record it
i'm melting!
listening to the who, tommy, "come to this house, be one of us"
inviting people to come around thisarv on this sunny afternoon. 934 brunswick if you're in the area
rehearsals with @attractors then to this party in st lucia
writing a song, out to nite
just realised that this room is rubbish for recording, going to have traffic noise, but maybe that can add to the character, ha
cooking more spaghetti, listening to who records, getting ready to start a test recording adventure
was screening a call all morning, snoring away, finally answered their thankful persistence, the interviewer from city south news.. spaced
no rest for the wicked, captain jack sparrow, riding the open airwaves
i love tubular spaghetti!
had a nice chat to fletch all about girls and stuff, now cooking up a midnight storm, spaghetti bolognese, with no one to share it with
just watched killeroo, first ep of the mighty boosh with the other fletcher siblings who stuck around after fletch left for supergrass
cooking mashed potato and other miscellaneous vegetables
everyone is gone from the office, and i'm watching kingdom of the crystal skull. i could live here, seriously. better go soon though
hanging back at work to hopefully avoid the outbound rush. getting tongue & groove poster to plaster it around town http://twurl.nl/d3xjtr
pondering empire and rebellion, the ruling and freeing of the galaxy, and the shifting polarities of power at revolution's end
doing quality standards control is soooo tedious, i'm going to lunch, hope they've done their quality standards control
always seem to have that stupid look on my face whenever i do those jumping shots frozen in mid-air photos http://twurl.nl/gf748g
fuel is so expensive, even with 9 cents off at the pump. going to get my bicycle today and start riding
just spilled salsa all over myself and the kitchen.. smooth
went to rics for a bit, but we came home to make burritos. so hungry
is it supposed to be this hard?
was going to put up posters in west end, but ran out of time, so just devising some guerrilla marketing ideas while getting new mattress
@lexiphanic good to see you along, looked like you were having a good time, buying drinks for the ladies :P hope morning work wasn't a drag
a date with hank moody :)
had scramby eggs for breakfast. pretty good show last. impressed by those braving tuesday night
just at red hill picking up the posters for our show on the 10th but it looks like cal isn't home yet
the jacaranda trees are in blossom, purple haze, must be closing in on uni exams, that's the signifier
whoa, just heard a high-school friend from my grade was killed in a motorcycle accident on the weekend, we weren't close, but still..
in the garden for late lunch, watching californication on the laptop
@Conjure haha, no fletch is not that way inclined, or if he is, then he's hiding it fabulously! :P
first episode of californication season 2 is directed by david duchovny, huh, interesting
jumping up and down in new farm park for this photoshoot. ha! rock n roll
leaving it till later to sort out misconstrued misconceived misconceptions
no to the bailout, could it be the people are beginning to wake up? surely not
sleep is a tough mistress to tame tonight. the brain won't quit. thoughts of replication and revolution, taking hold
the hour is late and my accomplishments tonight leave much to be desired, photoshoot tomorrow lunch, show at rics tomorrow night
was discussing tonight possible plot points for this years nanowrimo attempt in november, a rise and fall story, an invisible guitar, etc
just did the dishes left from the weekend.. soothing late at night, then found straight away the wifi adapter i was tearing hair out 4b4
indian kitchen, the naan bread alone is worth the trip, then back for some curb at frankie's
going to jess and jimbo's for coffee, then various other stops along the way to ending the day
the new picasa web albums face detection feature is pretty nifty http://twurl.nl/gnssyw when is flickr going to implement something similar?
downloading picasa 3, had no idea it was out, only beta though http://picasa.google.com/
sorting out tax, looks like they deducted that amended $214.80 payable from 2006 even though i already paid it.. bad ato, spanking
email about not using our rent money on women of ill repute blocked "due to sexual content" by fletch's work's mail filter, hahahaha!
@angusscown frame by frame i managed to cluedo the culprit who knocked the camera over. it was courtney in the kitchen with a cask of wine!
a coffee before heading in, keeping the economy ticking over, so many ideas designed to keep me from having to, floating around in my head
surprisingly untired, though available sleep time is waning
housewarming timelapse in the kitchen on youtube http://twurl.nl/qcm7np
wanting to see photos of @Conjure and @kyepak in pirate costumes. didn't quite make it up the street to see them in person. apologies
never fear, got it going, here's the first volume of housewarming photos http://twurl.nl/1ho3cg
the facebook photo uploader is annoying me. java, come on
@lexiphanic the photos are tasteful, though what taste exactly, i can't quite pick ;) though "sweeeeeet!" comes to mind
out in the suburbs leeching internet. she's not going to use up her limit this month anyway
looking at photos from last nite. yep, looks like a party alright
getting cyclones from the corner, the best iceblock
there's red wine on the wall!
wow a bunch of people just appeared out of nowhere
@Conjure ours is explicitly no themes allowed, if anyone looks remotely themed, we strip them down :P
lauren just arrived! our first housewarming guest! haha. we're a bit overexcited
importing all of fletch's previous party mix cds, combining their forces.. formidable!
those coloured light globes are looking like they're going to pay off. we've dubbed the living room "the room of the rising sun" red alert
killin time till the kids start to show, people watching on the front stairs, beer in hand
cooked stir-fry for lunch, good to get back in the kitchen after such a long absence
nailed the psychedelic sheet to the wall, changing perceptions of the living room
we're getting tracks together to playlist tonight, and a checklist of things to buy. housewarming time is closing in
so tired, sad i missed jessie's birthday drinks. can't keep eyes open. dreams arriving presently
i can't believe i ate the whole thing
brilliant jam at Zoran's, going to get pizza from up the road now. not going out tonight.. maybe
strawberry sundae, on the way home to you. she's comin down fast
today has been pretty much a write off. jamming tonight in the deep south
the eternal quest for pants
on top of the chinatown carpark
watching running guns at the step inn
i'm on the door at the step inn, have to hit the road
"the market is much smarter than all the politicians and all the central bankers that we have" -- ron paul
@Conjure now mine's only going back to 41.. strange, it was working before back to 160 http://gsfn.us/t/lky
mmm mulberry season is in full swing, picked one as i rode on by
one day i'm going to leave on time. heading out into suburbia for a bit, then to the step inn for running guns. fletch is borrowing my amp
160 pages into my history gives me this tweet http://twurl.nl/b5c0h8 twitter holding full archive for ransom, viable business model? :P
would rather have a team of designers to tell what to do than actually crunching all this code and fiddling with this design myself
haha, remembering the knock and run on the big house the other night that fletch missed out on. lol, we're such children
going to, once and for all, even if it kills me, get this anti-spam smtp proxy running properly on the server!
transferring third week's rent to real estate. noise complaint all sorted. looking forward to housewarming saturday http://twurl.nl/f36npb
off for the morning, beatles only on shuffle, sing a song for me, one from let it be
on a journey to find a new sound. see you on my return
longing for the awaited return of my comfortable chair to its rightful home in front the computer. this borrowed rickety deckchair has to go
@lukerhn the boosh is the best, just getting into it now, don't own it so have to visit my friend to see it :)
the mighty boosh!
indian kitchen was delicious :) now giving a driving lesson by the river
watching vids on the global financial crisis. if i were in america, i'd be listening to this man http://twurl.nl/tgo547
grr, have to go pick up an RTA Dispute Resolution Request form, such conflicting stories from next-door's house sitter, a little nuts
stirring from slumber, awake! serpentine shell, shake those sweet, sleepy delusions of the nights sheltered dreaming!
fine nite of climbing trees, frisbee throwing, playing on swings & rope castles, talkin trash at alibi, running into dorothy & erin.. blaze
our failure to get pizza last nite has resulted in an overwhelming craving for pizza tonight. stopping for some now
love the frisbee/life analogies at the end of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, and peppered throughout, finally complete. next..
may be at the alibi early just for a feed, frisbee club in the park again tonight, hope i don't suck as much at throwing this time
trying to connect the nurses through glass eyes. webcam isn't working
these pretzels are making me thirsty
perl is really starting to piss me off
StumbleUpon just asked me to confirm my email address, ha! been using it for years now http://phocks.stumbleupon.com/
saying hi to @ingabish a friend all the way back from high school days, and she loves her puppy (as you can see). make her feel welcome
fixing broken spam filter on the mailserver. twas working like clockwork before the upgrade, but now it's a rickety trainwreck
midnight frisbee in the park was a riot. yolanda fell out of a tree, then we all went down to the river
at rics. we missed pioneers. oops. this bird on stage has a bjm shirt
@Conjure next to mehfil indian, next to the fish & chips shop, next to new farm park, next to the river
@kafeen nup, it's gotta be some kind of wireless energy transfer method using the tesla effect to power new farm :P http://twurl.nl/u14r6g
twitter is being buggy, missing updates and replies
@Conjure park views are a negative unfortunately, unless we're out on the street. we're right next-door to the indian place. come visit! :)
just realised there are no powerlines around here. something to do with the proximity to the powerhouse?
profile pic changed, and trying to get @ingabish to upload one after evangelising her to walk the twitter path thismorning
a shot from lunch, twin towers in the cloverfield, on flickr http://flickr.com/photos/ph...
@sketchgrrl my imagination
where did the day go?
paying amended 2006 tax. couldn't they just take it out of this year's return? no taxation without representation!
@katofawesome nice spotting, seems twitter is finally getting organised.. a little. the main sidebar pics should be orderable too
remembered to bring lunch for once. going to heat it up now. thinking about glow-in-the-dark frisbee in the park, either tonight or tomorrow
never underestimate the ingenuity of fools, in figuring out way of breaking your systems
aha, traced the problem back to lorna, she was trying to send a 38MB sound file over email.. still i thought i'd accounted for user.. folly
wondering why perl.exe is using up 99% CPU time on the server.. hmm
to be or not to be...... that is not really a question is it?
my frisbee glows in the dark!
just met the neighbours, they're great! so relieved
can't believe it's been only a week today since we moved in. so much has transpired in those 168 hours of existence
hoping to get satisfaction on this minor cosmetic i noticed with the new twitter layout http://gsfn.us/t/lh6
@kathleenjoy hi8 magnetic super8 film, close enough i'd say :P
need to get this footage off hi8 tape.. anyone have a hi8 camera or access to a hi8 player? anyone?
cooking sizzling mongolian pork for lunch. nom
got sunglasses, not precisely the ones, though they're quite the trip. standing in line now
oo markets, might catch citycat back too
walking home, a partial success. got the frisbee :)
looking for replacement dylan sunnies, beatles boots, and original frisbee flying disc
there's lots of people in costumes walking around the city. they have numbers, some channel 7 thing
breath test inbound just outside toombul shopping centre. we passed :)
recording went splendidly, though we ran out of time to record all the tracks we wanted. next time gadget
picking up Zoran then off to the studio for recording
plastic sunshine electric band is kickin!
drinks on the deck, some friends were walking past and dropped in
having a jam at ours tonight after 7. so come down and bring your bongos. out to the valley later most likely
setting up the computer at @urchincreature's place in west end
just picked up an ex-gov computer. pretty good deal
ooo, pretty new twitter
the plumber is coming sometime thismorn to fix the taps apparently. better put some pants on
talking like a pirate, only in my head
listening to an original pressing of revolver on vinyl. ocean brought over my old record player. divine
bit the bullet and bought 2gig of mobile net to tide us over until we can get a proper connection
found this amongst fletch's papers, so good i had to share: The Good Wife's Guide from Housekeeping Monthly, 1955 http://twurl.nl/31z2nj :)
posting mobile vid to 12seconds.tv seems a little strange, the time limitation http://12seconds.tv/channel...
lunch. too broke to go out. i heard there were some leftovers from the catering yesterday
finally got mobile email working on my three mobile. their auto config is broken, had to do it by hand
playing around with brightkite account http://twurl.nl/3f4hzn pretty decent, hello free txt again
was gonna try walking to the station this morning, but my unconscious decided against it
a quiet one tonight, first night without visitors since the move in. i feel like catching up with really old friends. wonder if they'd c ...
riding the airwaves, the networks, though plentiful, are a little patchy out in these parts. expecting to drop off any time soon
first taste of the indian place, rogan josh :) not bad, then we watched the fab four in help! ringo can act, the others are rubbish, ha
oh wait.. GST.. d'oh! damn you howard! :P theft from the working class heroes. some day soon we'll have our way
lol, estimated tax refund is $19.05 less than total tax withheld. not even 20 bucks to the est. lucky ducky virtually http://twurl.nl/sri2gu
finally doing my tax, it's a pain, government should be elected based on free-market tax payment choices by the people. i wouldn't fund war
@Conjure not even, it's an old queenslander, not sure who reported it, we weren't being that loud, and it wasn't that late.. strange
first noise complaint happened on the weekend apparently, just playing records, jeez.. going to introduce ourselves to neighbours tonight
at coles getting breakfast supplies :)
ps. all you twits are invited to our new farm housewarming if you're free 2 saturdays from now, 934 brunswick http://twurl.nl/j7uid4
testing out online fileserver backup, just over 29000 files to go..
last night ed said it was impossible to eat 2 tacos in 2 minutes. sounds like a challenge to me. meet on the battleground tonight
deleting quite a few of my old blogger blogs that never really got started. there are quite a few
wow impressed with the adsl2+ speed after the hot telstra girl fixed the line the other day, testing now, average 1.17MB/s, peaking over 2.5
coffee is ingenious in its methods of survival and replication, playing to human desire, symbiosis at work.. getting coffee
when @littlesavige becomes a crazy christian scientist she won't be able to take those beroccas. have to bake them into brownies for her :)
@kafeen all found journeys involve changing buses midstream. thinking maybe a brisk walk to brunswick station, then train in vain to windsor
deleting my domain.com.au home alerts. no longer needed :)
off to work again, need to find some public transport from new farm to windsor, to save petrol
sleep calls, but it seems i have selective hearing. no wait.. here it comes. the wave
back from seeing velociraptors at rics. took us 17 mins to walk home
home time, strange going in the other direction
checking out the new flickr homepage. looks pretty decent, nothing too flashy, but an improvement i'd say http://twurl.nl/ud45nv
so hard to find a housewarming date that doesn't clash with the 1000001 other things going on. sorry @Conjure
jason sings a song at the pre-housewarming saturday night. note: he had been drinking elsewhere before he arrived :) http://twurl.nl/nj3vq0
feels like a sushi day today, almost finished this book too
looking out the window, lovely day, wish i was out there and not in here
done scouting around the local airwaves, a few interesting stations. needs sleep now, some zelda first though
annoyed, can't find last year's notice of assessment. needed apparently to do e-tax
eating cornflakes on the steps, watching the rain fall down. sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come
photos from last night's pre-housewarming http://twurl.nl/smcf1r deciding when we should throw the real thing
@megbar brunnie st haha :) we're practically neighbours now. come visit me. we did fiesta last ntie, too crowded
re-colouring-in black jeans with texta where drops of beach from cleaning the fridge got on them, little spots of orange
drinking creaming soda slurpee, nursing a sore head, watching the new farm people walk around
cloudy memories from new house celebrations last night
listening to records in the lounge. jason just rocked up
putting my desk back together, resolving never to take it apart again
standing on the front stairs, looking out onto brunswick st
shaving with a new razor after using a blunt one for so long. so smooth
some food, and then going to start getting stuff ready to take over to the new house. fletch is coming with a big truck
finally got down past those stupid temple phantom guards to get the final northeast seachart.. onwards!
@darksilver moving into new farm tomorrow, right down next to the park
the @attractors jam turned into a plastic sunshine electric band jam, haha
can't wait till i get properly set up in new farm, will make these recordings a lot easier
the ants are brooding in the bathroom, all over are little black drones and new queens, flying around
can't get enough of ron paul's notions on true patriotism, that effort to resist oppressive state power http://twurl.nl/pe8jbf
good news is i found the ds, bad news is the goddam temple in phantom hourglass is bugging the hell out of me
stumbling youtube, feeling strange, the next step is ambiguous, possibilities multiply and fight it out for headspace. sleep soon
reaffirmed tonight, you don't choose rock n roll, rock n roll chooses you
i never say what i mean but i always mean what i say
finished jamming, heading home now, good to talk, wish i could say what i mean. does anyone ever? gonna try. an experiment
home time, a few calls, was planning on seeing jesus play her set at the joynt, but might just jam with a friend. we'll see
thought twitter pagination had returned when i saw green on twitter status, turns out it's only half fixed 45 pages http://gsfn.us/t/l2c
needs coffee for brain stimulisation
spam filter caught a phishing web forgery email that wasn't detected by firefox. just reported it http://twurl.nl/83mpo8
just got out all my cash from the bank. about to pay the bond and 2 weeks rent. moving in on saturday
i'd forgotten about my lifestream.fm account from a while back, just having another look now http://lifestream.fm/phocks
they put a smoking section at rics, wow
just ran into tanya from work outside rics. seeing lots of people i know actually, they seem to linger
just dropped the redheads, 24 in total.. matches.. rainman
there it is.. looks like one of the wires on the guitar lead has come off. time to pull out the soldering iron
mixing, recording, watching stuff on the net, things are beginning to look up i think, wonder how long it will last
feelin' the twitter love. thanks all for the congrats. everyone is invited to the housewarming :)
eating cottage cheese :) wondering if i should go to jon's art show at rics, early for food, or just go late when the idle cranes play
fletch called with some "terrible news", my heart sank, but it was all a charade. the house by newfarm park is ours afterall! celebration!!!
@Conjure a tweet of rejoice or lament, the absence of bedfellow?
long exposure down by the river http://twurl.nl/dhe043 i think what she gave me is kicking in about now. that's a metaphor, i think
@littlesavige well, would you mind my reforming myself this afternoon?
supposed to be an early night, got dragged into the girls bathroom in a daze, now finding a way home. if only we got that place
just downloaded an ssh client for phone, logging onto mediatemple shell account, haha
meeting fletch - and whoever else shows up - at the alibi room tonight. going soon
first looks at possible new karuna design http://twurl.nl/04agi2 alpha stages yet. simple, simple, big typography.. trendy
slightly amusing watching people continually point the remote at the screen and not at the projector, then wonder why it's not working
arg, a compulsory presentation to go to in the mandala room, just as i was getting on a roll with the new design
finished upgrade of work assp spam filter, integrated clamav virus and scam scanning, killer system http://ping.fm/njw8I
back from our trendy team meeting. those free avocados are looking good about now, just ripe enough
liking the tuesday morning tweets :) @kcdc @kafeen
sometimes an instant coffee is just the change you need after so much strange brew
back from a rather large stroll around the city shooting long exposures
call from fletch made me forget i had mi goreng noodles on the stove, could have been a disaster had it dawned on me any later
seriously need a shower, and to stop being distracted by the pretty lights along the winding road
interesting feature found during assp upgrade, outlook deletes addresses from quick contacts on system undeliverable
time for some experiments in BIG typography
attempting relations, this ddr1 ram stick into what i'm assuming is a ddr2 slot, because it's just not happening, no chemistry
application in at west end, it's a long shot with this one. lunch time now
ah this nomadic existence, moving offices again, still trying to move life
new song pretty much written, so it's off to visit a friend, maybe a movie, still so much to do, but to everything there is a season, turn..
the shock of the lightning hits hard, love is a litany, a magical mystery. nice one noel, continuing the beatles appropriation, replication
diggin out my soul, for the new oasis album, will probably be shite though, but we'll see
making a father's day youtube video
needed a good sleep in, now i'm hungry like the wolf
wishing my phone browser had tab browsing. does the iphone have tabs?
@lexiphanic well yep, i'll have to lock and load the personal assistants, three guns to the head.. three times the productivity
how did the night slip away so suddenly, so much to do, so much still to achieve, a personal assistant or three might help
@radiostarelle i'm thinking something like "searchbaiting". seen it a few times when the vid is totally irrelevant to the title/tags
the act of providing a definition in the hope that someone on twitter knows the word or can come up with a word that matches said definition
_________: the act of misnaming something (eg. youtube vid) to that of a popularly searched term in the hope that someone will search for it
songwriting. oh and here's a better quality broadcast of the ron paul speech http://twurl.nl/5n6s5p peace and freedom ftw!
trying to declip this track where lauren was a bit overzealous with her keyboarding
don't steal, the government hates the competition
watching ron paul's rally for the republic speech, his ideas and efforts against a hostile mass media are inspiring http://twurl.nl/7zhthj
feeling a touch antisocial, might stay in tonight and work on editing recordings
jackpot noodles, the only thing for it, they're playing cricket on the screens, such a leisurely game, seems almost strange that people ...
great.. brilliant.. fantastic.. the realestate agent is closed..... what a day
using @littlesavige as my personal reference again for this property so she can practice her acting skills :)
shower time, then i need to fill out this outrageously detailed rental application
@kafeen it's a rediculous scam, also if they approve you and you change your mind, you don't get the deposit back!
@amy_lou twas a neil young tribute show, friends' band was playing, though i ended up not making it
wow massive traffic at bunnings stafford, father's day commerce
summer is comin' on
house hunt continues. not liking this new 1 week rent deposit business just to apply. refund from last not ready arg!
waiting.. corner shop sign just blew over.. again
at least i'm up for inspecting the west end place.. fletch was still passed out when i called
ok now maybe not going to neil young. had fun singing beatles and stones and dylan though. headin to the city
jamming with fletch. going to the globe tonight
and then the people demanded periodic revolution, ending the phoney two party monopoly system, etching it in blood to the constitution
it's getting a bit cold from the rain, better put some clothes on
watching ron paul videos on youtube
why did they get our hopes up like that, only to dash them at the last minute? perhaps someone knows of a private rental house close to ...
didn't get the newfarm place :( landlord had friends who wanted it apparently.. so close. west end next
got a good first line for new song, the rest should come relatively easy. will sleep on it.. epic dreams
need a shower and a good sleep. lots to think about tomorrow, decisions to be made, or will they make me?
@kathleenjoy anton should move here :P
i got the tape.. it's hi8.. i wonder if anyone's got a hi8 recorder or player..
the rain is seeping in to my car. the beatles, fixing a hole comes to mind, but it's no use, my mind wanders
heading off, going to visit jim to get that hi8 tape and drink coffee, then it's jenga championships time!
this cd has been sitting on my desk for weeks. i wonder if it's blank. will save me walking down to get one
good news from fletch, the real estate people called him saying we all checked out, they're just waiting to hear from the landlord
here comes the rain of course, butterflys flapping somewhere far away
sitting at rics, the sound guy couldn't find the delay. i need delay
walking up to destiny's beginning, or is that waking up?
yep.. it's a browser alright.. experienced a few bugs already, going back to firefox
downloading google chrome, still a little time before sound check
locked away in my room, rocording vocals, twisted images of the beatles and charlie
new shirts from box vintage, and gave a manual driving lesson, scary
off to dinner at jackpot noodles :)
the day is dragging me down, time out time, coke break and reading
aha! look what i found on the kitchen table @littlesavige being a covergirl for image magazine :) http://twurl.nl/xmtn4y
thanks twitterz for the news of google chrome, their new web browser set for release in the very near future http://twurl.nl/fp0puu
ok, ok, it's ok, i have coffee now................ calm
climbing the walls, need coffee, people keep keeping me from my fix, waiting to unleash my wrath upon the universe
rational evolutionists need irrational creationists, like god needs the devil, like superheroes need supervillains.. makes for a good story
windows vista is annoying me greatly
things are going wrong today.. restarting day in safe mode
really don't want to get out of bed.. no! yes i do, today is going to be a great day! it's uncertain why..
@littlesavige i need a copy of that image magazine you're in, going to look about town tomorrow
really hope we get this house in new farm, fletch should have flirted with the realestate lady more
been intrigued by spacecollective for a while, finally getting around to contributing, a repost re tables & chairs http://twurl.nl/fz6454
full from indian kitchen, and laughed out by curb season 1, "affirmative action" ep is golden, larry david is a genius, crazy.. but a genius
lots of blood and guts on stage tonight. wonderful :)
just finishing up at work, will read some, then it's off to the theatre to see titus
feel like listening to the beatles' revolver now. ipod is still at yolande's in jacket. no lauren, that wasn't my plan all along..
i'm going to rics on wednesday night to watch the strange @conjure ... any ya'll tweeple care to join me?
@hotliquidsex i definitely don't read your tweets :)
filling up. i never remember to look at what number pump i'm at until i start walking to pay
have to go to new farm to hand this application in, will stealthily slip away for lunch soon
thinking about non-attachment that the buddhists at work are always going on about, but in itself is that not also an attachment?
@lukerhn @lexiphanic yep, mi goreng are tops :) i might have another packet now actually
quickly mixing down previews from today's tracking, not bad, but needs a lot of mixing and overdubbing
damnation! still hungry. setting up old sound system, swapping wrong stereo channels, god forbid left ear hears music made for the right :)
epic hunger, nothing in the fridge.. mi goreng noodles to the rescue!
i have too much gear/not enough roadies
i always get lost coming back from the southside, almost ended up in ipswitch
on a break from recording, out the back for barbecue lunch and red wine
the shins to start the day. off to recording
the basics were all over it tonight, the people were out in force, too crowded in rics, a quick hello then home
traffic from southbank is a killer, from riverfire, lucky i'm on the vespa
pack gear, pickup multitrack from mate's, sort out certain issues, go see @hotliquidsex support the basics at the troubadour
just transferred first week rent deposit, entering the strange ways of real estate agents, not encoutered before
found out friends had a miscarriage, they're sad, but are going to try again. nice for mj to have a little bro or sis
new farm place had a certain indefinable character about it. prematurely planning houseparties
tanya's birthday drinks at the rg, can't stay long though, rehearsals, then back in with fletch
i always seem to tire of my desktop backgrounds before too long from what was once deep amour..
looking for houses to inspect tomorrow, waiting for lunch to arrive when ash and mick return
head not sore anymore, knee hurting now from slamming it into the loveseat thismorning
sitting at desk, in a daze
youtube vid from last nite. that joel can sure shake a tambourine http://twurl.nl/ra7lhw
left phone at home, nooo, important communications fallen by the wayside, good night out with fletch and james anyway.. that redhead..
here's the flickr set anyway for the brian jonestown massacre last night, pre-show and show http://twurl.nl/rswzue
so fletch just called, looks like i'm going out tonight afterall, verve then rics
editing jonestown footage, nailing honey to the bee
can't find a thing to spend my money on, something's amiss in the free market economy. let's try guitars
in the city, just realised i need a new jacket and shoes, kinks stylin.. don't like my chances
up the road for a slushie, and some tai chicken soup
getting some respectable beer, left the local stuff in the vespa
fount it! all set i think, hope it doesn't rain, looks like there's something brewing
hmm, now where did i put that bjm ticket?..............
called to work to fix a missing data problem, now preparing mind & body for brian jonestown massacre tonight, pre-party first @ yolande's
walking from central, wondering why northbound trains refuse to stop at brunswick
projecting into people's future
organising alibi for tonight
yet another report of my face on a bus. i thought it was over. hope someone takes a photo so i can see
an afternoon away from the desk, it's like a holiday.. i need a holiday
popping vitamin c, about to go set up some terminal clients, fun fun.. tonight should be good times out
waiting for the tai food, funny seeing people's non-work side. oh, here comes the wine. will be a good afternoon
going up the road, lunch for tanya's birthday
truth is treason in the empire of lies
the telstra girl was here first thing thismorning, looks like that letter worked.. not bad
got through barely a single page last night before crashing, there's a noisy crow outside my window
when a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him
i should do my tax return, i probably won't though, i should stop putting things off, i probably won't though
lyrics slowly emerging for "to get her", bring us together, come on, come on, come on. haha, ok going to stop tweeting lyrics, lesson learnt
@leadegroot ha! irony, in its purest form http://en.wikipedia.org/wik... ;)
o what clever catastrophe, that i fall in love with almost every girl i see
@fmll try match point if woody irritates you as an actor. he's not in it, just directs. it's a very different style to his others though
just watched woody allen's everything you always wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask. brilliant
peoplewatching in west end, my new favourite passtime
adsl line down yet again, telstra don't do anything when they're called out, left no choice, going to write them a LETTER!
wondering at the precise number of hydrogen atoms on the planet, thinking of gumball guessing analogies, could it be known?
@miranda_jane @Conjure although, my cousin andrew lives in townsville.. perhaps a sign it's time for a seachange
mm coffee, looking at houses in west end, a few good ones before noticing that there's another west end in townsville.. a little too far
looking for wordpress designs for work, they're never quite right, might just do one from scratch
hot chocolate through tim tams, reading in bed, next week we kick everything in motion, perpetual change
checking out @annarchy's photos from friday night, oh dear, yes that was a big one http://flickr.com/photos/an...
researching the establishment media's censorship of ron paul. why would they do that? what are they afraid of? http://twurl.nl/fzy5dm
vid and tab of me learning to play stairway to heaven, for anyone who might also want to learn http://twurl.nl/6grd8s
just overwrote my blog style sheet with an old version, noooo! i hate it when that happens. will check if it's still on the work computer
major wordpress admin layout change in wordpress 2.7-hemorrhage, lookin' good http://twitpic.com/8ujg
continuing learning of stairway to heaven, intro is practically down
setting up friendfeed http://friendfeed.com/phocks
attempting to make my video card fan stop buzzing
an afternoon in the sun at james's, zeppelin vinyl backing, smoke rising
walking back to the valley with fletch
i need some zeppelin boots. where could i get some?
it's pouring down, but the sun is still shining
some classy dancing last night at the red room to the sounds of kristy london http://youtube.com/watch?v=...
too many talking heads and phony cleverness, mindstream of an old man, past it, somehow elevated
heading on down to the billie brown to see some beckett
told to go home early because i keep sniffling, so i am.. well i'm leaving work, may or may not go home
just finished filming tanya for the online orientation programme. she thinks she's a diva now
"if I were to ask you for sex, would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?" http://twurl.nl/60rmtg
the girls were checking out the online data backup solutions guy i just met with, hahaha
getting some pumpkin soup
@littlesavige in interim quarters at the moment, putting applications in for southside adventures. got any houses you want filled?
morning coffee may help quell this ekka bug, not too nasty, just a large magnitude of snuffle
camera charger went missing AGAIN amongst the moving, and i needed it today. had to pick up the replacement that came in at the post office
snooze! 5 more mins. better make the most of it
evolving ideas at http://phocks.org/
the truly enlightened ones transcend religion.. i'm going to have a shower
i wanna see religulous. looks funny http://www.lionsgate.com/re...
moving done! how the hell did i accumulate all this stuff?
found my camera battery charger in the back of the car! ..too bad i already ordered a replacement, hmm
first moving trip loaded up and on the road, should only have one to go
master & guest password idea now posted on getsatisfaction.com twitter should hire me, haha http://gsfn.us/t/kgr
going to pitch the idea of master and guest passwords for twitter to @biz or someone. all these sites storing login info is quite insecure
http://3jam.com "free" text messages.. only free in the US.. still, might use up the rest of my paypal balance and check it out for DM
new song came to me out back, 'to get her' will take it to the boys on friday jam
little birdie is doin fine, he's eating and almost flying, here's a pic for @darksilver and @megbar http://twitpic.com/8bo2
dreamt i was the lead in a play, but forgot to learn my lines. then we all went waterskiing in this giant whirlpool
hope that ekka bug hasn't sunk its claws in, i think i can feel something, or maybe it's the hypocondria, ha!
got late fast, going for a belated midnight snack, then more writing.. editing video and moving out await tomorrow. big day
starting a new project, unsure how it will go
television is dead, we are the broadcasters now
fuelling prophecy of a new suburban messiah
dusty ride home balancing a huge photo book lisa from work lent me on the vespa, always seem to get stuck behind dirt/gravel carrying trucks
so many ideas running around in my head, that i would bring into existence if only i had the time, time to train my army of monkeys!
fletch drew another leg onto his likeness on one of the TSA rics posters last nite, he feels misrepresented, haha http://twurl.nl/ttn6x1
no running guns footage from last nite, but here's a phone capture of sarah & yolande dancing with guns party hats :) http://twurl.nl/scxpyl
@littlesavige stick those lines with glue. memory glue!
i guess yahoo mail didn't like being used as an email backup for the whole office.. unlimited storage my arse!
lisa doesn't like her pumpkin soup, so now i'm having it
sorting out situations, probably a better policy than just letting them fall where they may, as i've been doing lately
you must hold a tambourine outward while walking to avoid jangling
thinking about the act of divulging certain articles of information to certain people and its influence upon existence
@lexiphanic i'll be there from around 8, don't think they're playing till after 10
tambourine, egg-shaker, harmonica in hand, ready for running guns show tonight
checking out flock again, new beta seems better than when i tried it a few months ago
separating work blog from the main site.. seems to be the "in" thing to do right now
loving @nyssabdesign's PocketT WordPress theme, solid 1 column http://www.nyssajbrown.net/...
feels like i'm playing frogger crossing that main road, to get the fly/lunch
reluctantly demonstrating tambourine skills to office people, will be jumping up with the guns tonight at rics
@megbar birdie's at home, being looked after. i'll check that he's alright tonight, will let you know
a bird fallen out of a tree, too young to fly, old enough to see its rainbow colours, in a box for now
i'm so tired, weekend catching up with me perhaps. reading, evolving a song, naptime
a call from fletch, he's back in oz at last, rehearsing for his ric's show tomorrow night
playing poker with the boys, high stakes ha
filming, wasting time, thinking about futures
paulie's back at jerry's, just over leeching their internet, watching max
she broke my light sabre, nooooo!
just went on that insane ride.... almost died
i've decided it's about bloody time i learned to play stairway to heaven
trashing it at the ekka thisarv, then afterwards, heading into the city to common people to see weber and the cranes strut their stuff
"we're all hitler inside, we're all christ inside" --John Lennon http://twurl.nl/ogz8ub
@jg_rat that org in the valley shut down a while ago. i remember it having its window was smashed in
amused by the scientology cult protest photos @urchincreature just sent me, any scientologists still in brisbane, or did we drive them out?
out on a pier by the west end riverside, there are ducks swimming, so cold, reminds me of a song i can't recall
smooth work, just spilled chicken laksa all over the seat as i sat down
ha, just ran into jon skipping out of work to get a guitar strap for his show tonight
friday night! a quick city stop, some things are needed to warm my cold heart
not much doin in here, posters are in, footlong sub & still hungry, west end might be the place. jackpot noodles
probably going to take the posters in to ric's tonight, and maybe see what else is shakin' around the valley
"only a fool tidies up, a genius rules over chaos" http://twurl.nl/3ookd6 haha
deciding to pay a little more attention to the blog, put a little adsense block on there too, not too much? http://phocks.org/
hiding away down in veronica's office, fixing printers, waiting for this coffee to go to my head, responding to blog comments
sending update via ping.fm on gtalk. this should go to twitter, plurk, pownce, and identi.ca
thankyou twitter search for revealing the latest ping.fm beta code, "pingitlikeitshot" http://twurl.nl/xjl26g
thought i'd left laura's copy of a heartbreaking work down in the hunter valley, beside the bed, but found it just then
did it suddenly get about 10 degrees colder? think i'll make myself a hot cup of tea and think about settling in for the night, writing
now if only i had access to an a3 colour printer so i could print this latest design in its full pixelated glory http://twitpic.com/7muw
getting fish and chips from the shop up the road. wow that lady is really tall!
hoping twitter can negotiate an sms deal here in australia very soon, lets keep the pressure on them http://gsfn.us/t/kbh
it's a catch-22 any way you look at it, the mutual exclusivity of hiding and emergence. needing to find that elusive middle ground
i need a coffee, badly, thanks to a not-too-unpleasant wakeup call at 4am
bang bang, she shot me down
my pool playing has become inexplicably better. we just won the table
sitting at the galaga machine waiting for jerry to show. highscore is already mine. can focus on scotch n dry now
finally "allowed" to see @rioko before she heads back to japan. heading in to ric's now
everything's bringing me down today, and i don't know why
realplayer is so dodgy, i don't know why anyone would use it
eating a mango weis bar, yum
it's comin' back home to you
after weeks of systematically stuffing myself with the most unhealthy food imaginable, it doesn't seem like i've put the slightest shred ...
going to see a man about a dog again, a different man, different dog
@Conjure should be out at alibi tonight
think i'm going to do some reviews of these music reviewers: his listening style and persona left a lot to be desired, as did his tonal ...
hoping my dreams aren't as empty as my conscience seems to be
noticing that sydney people tend to classify people into certain social groups more than people here.. wait that's what i'm doing now
just woke up from a crazy dream where the british secret service was making me take out possibly innocent civillins.. scary
a still night, back to a northern high, where the sun also rises higher in the sky, yet still, here a deep chill, runs its way down my spine
a needed break, will now attempt to plug back into society, the matrix, just need to buckle down and record this guitar track for hendrik
back home, wow, seems like i've travelled so far, so much has happened, yet everything here seems the same
stopped at the crowded house cafe at scone after listening to crowed house all morning, home is 700kms away
yes they are pelicans in the lake, heading back up north, over new england highway
highlight of the weekend was lying in the long grass, looking for shooting stars, cool breeze blowing just above
going exploring in the night, down to the lake, so cold, such stars
another fine day in wine country, though i'm wondering what i'm missing back home
morning coffee, looking out the window at the lake
totally lost at balderdash, well, came second last anyway, not nearly as drunk on wine as i thought i would be
learning the intricacies of winemaking, lunch time now
sampling different wines in the hunter valley. it's cold down here
angus just brought out his camera battery charger, identical to the one i was missing
actually i changed my mind, this is excruciating
reluctantly watching the opening ceremony, actually it's not too bad, with some champagne
stopped at an old country town, been screaming zeppelin on the road, and calling out to cows by the wayside
fighting the morning traffic, but not going to work. heading out of state, south south south
packing to leave early tomorrow morning, looking for my camera charger, this is ridiculous, someone's hiding things from me
well, there goes that idea, there's already someone moved in to the room. maybe if i were home more often..
teetering upon the edge of indecision.. i can see my mind reaching criticality http://twurl.nl/jllvry
@Yomee i seem to be meeting quite a few twitter people in real life. it's scary. i was relatively tipsy as well i think
in all likelihood, one of the greatest pictures in history, haha http://twitpic.com/6tip
contemplating the acoustics of absolute silence and its opposite, surely not white noise, but infinitely close waves of infinie magnitude
will try tonight to move in to the room made spare by the sudden departure of dale to china the other day
drinking bad instant coffee, no time to work the real machine, feeling like cupcakes, they seem to be everywhere on here
i am tired, i am weary, i could sleep for a thousand years, a thousand dreams that would awake me, different colours made of tears
samuel beckett's policy of no work or rehearsals before midday should be enacted everywhere
need a holiday from this existence that won't leave me be, let me be, set me free
list of misquotations on wikipedia, jesus christ quote under famous misquotations of fictional persons, haha http://twurl.nl/qpc4oy
nursing wounds of battle, having "no longer is the joke gonna be on my heart, your time is gonna come" playing in my head
we're getting paid for our globe gig, rockin, although between seven it doesn't stretch far
foreseeing hard rain a-fallin' when these uncertain times come to a head
had to re-add the toolbar button manually, hope to get some work done tonight, editing, recording, writing, eating
new http://delicious.com is here, now where the hell have all my bookmarks gone in firefox?
rise the new prophets of reason
@littlesavige i got a pizza pocket and a baked potato, ha
at mum's, her computer keeps rebooting, trying to fix it now, about to raid the cupboards for food
watching various splitting futures unfolding, others left only as blood on the tracks, train home has come
drinks with twits
that should have been: no sign of soul behind the tunes, played for no one. spot the beatles reference
ipod has been playing all day.. with no headphones in, no sign of thought behind the tunes played for no one
recognising those concepts walking the line of existence, that even go so far as to steer the mind astray to ensure their continued survival
readying the next brilliant ideas to be shot down by management for the new redesign
spying on the city using google street view.. well a snapshot from sometime around last christmas at least http://twurl.nl/tsl0fl
everyone welcome @littlesavige to the world of twitter, an actress from brisbane, about to star in qtc's importance of being earnest
@andrewsayer yes, 3am lockout is a massive fail for a free society
'twas just that my left mouse button seems to be finally dying after all these years, o so many clicks, so many memories, haha :P
even worse is when you remember what you were going to tweet and realise it wasn't that fantastic anyway :)
don't you hate it when you think of something good to tweet, and then it flies out of your head, nowhere to be found? patterns scattered..
@kcdc cultivating a dissociative identity disorder in which one persona is a morning person and one persona is a night person :)
sometimes it would be a lot easier if i were a morning person.. most notably the mornings
protecting twitter updates until the storm has passed, firefight. eyes closing now..
met a wandering cat upon my walk, we froze dead in tracks, but for different reasons, i approached cautiously, kitty bolted, familiar story
going for a walk to clear my head.. you know what that means
experiencing jane fonda in 'barbarella: queen of the galaxy' a second time, pure cinematic brilliance!
underwear shopping is hard, so many variables to consider
swelling on left thumb is now going down, no doctor, just the miraculous l33t healing skillz i acquired in jerusalem
leftover rice and noodles from last night, reading on lunch, a fool on the hill, but i feel fine
interestingly enough with all this talk of earworms at last nite's lecture, blur's badhead is still rambling around my brain
my thumb is sore, and it's sticking out.. like a sore thumb
greetings, welcome to planet earth
can hardly keep my eyes open.. and away i go
back home, with the laptop in bed, sleep is calling, why aren't i listening?
just thought of a name idea, album or something: plastic authentic
out from dr oliver sacks, 'man who mistook his wife for a hat' man, interesting. now getting jackpot noodles
up again, afternoon naps always mess with my sense of time
nap time
my minimalist wordpress theme version 0.1.3 is now up at wordpress > extend > themes http://wordpress.org/extend...
it's ok, this descent, this madness, this crazed insanity has design, has purpose, yes, it's evolution baby!
@megbar it's me on the side of lots of buses apparently, so i keep hearing, though i'm yet to see for myself
trying to record, but it's just not coming out right. such is life
cheers all round for the covernant of mr kache, well done ru. looking at guitars now in allans
finally got a belt, now no more manual pants pulling up. i'm outside the regent getting tickets
not if you were the last dandy on earth
feelin low, gotta go see a show in town
looking for underwear, i thought i had more pairs than that
making a dash, have to make friends' movie screening today, lots to do before like floss my teeth
already $1400 on the adam bugusz original silent auction piece entitled 'peak hour'
early morning volunteering for the karuna art market http://twurl.nl/pefzqf probably shouldn't have stayed out so late last night, ha
looks like that killer wind blowing to the core just before has died down. time to emerge & help unpack art.. arg!
a night under the stars, would that these clouds disappear, sleep will be brief or not at all, before dawn wake
playing pool at the shifter gig, numbers radio from last nite are playing too
going to jam with corey, jimi, & yolande, the scowling wrecks, or the scowls, or jimi and the pups :)
@urchincreature my true aim is love.. hand is steady, not off the mark, for those few who look closer. thinking of you, heart goes out
new cons! old ones were the walking dead
making a dash from morning glory, walking my way across the river, with no direction you're never lost
hangin out, waiting for sound check and the door list man
flying high up in the sky my little lucy floating by, reminds me of the time you flew away
he is standing in your mind, an incandescent voice in time, alerting all the thoughts that come your way
ok scrap that, the pants are actually pretty tight anyway. now just need to write this last verse for tonight
might try to leave early in order to get that belt.. hmm not sure where to go
just set up php5 on our iis, quick and painless, though we should be using apache
i need cup-a-soup
@surewhynot yep, we'll be at the globe in brunswick st tonight, there's loads of other bands i know playing around town though
coke, chips, and a good read under the tree on the hill, leaves flutter in the cool breeze
i've virtually run out of cash, with no atm in sight, i need to buy a belt or my pants will fall down on stage tonight
production meeting, good-o
thoroughly enjoyed barbarella last night
i gotta roll, can't stand still, got a flamin heart can't get my fill
going to see a man about a dog
@lexiphanic my roland headphones were $179 marked down, but they're reeeeeely nice to listen to
trying to find my tripod so i can take a photo for @sketchgrrl
creating a new underground
browsing around retro clothing shops, picked out a nice shirt and psychedelic dressing gown
surveying the damage from last night, a broken wine glass, a monstrous amount of lolli wrappers, etc
aspiration propagation, hopes & dreams evolution and its influence over the vigour of a society
i love big typography like this http://wordpress.org/downlo...
reading a heartbreaking work of staggering genius at the sushi station
jerry on our mundane IT work: we may be paying the karmic price for formatting the library computer back in high school
hmm, looks like you can only use it to add new content, not alter existing functional output, oh wait, what about function override..
learning how to use k2 hooks, annoying at first, but should save a lot of heartache down the track
eyeing off prospective futures, caught up in this workaday world with no solace, a working class hero is something to be..
need a shower bad, think i'll go have one then, relax, calm raging torrents of mind, search soul for some semblance of certainty
stuffed full of lauren's mum's curry, driving home now
we're taking a rehearsal break. we worked out the perfect setlist tonight. perfect
ok, i've hung around this joint for way too long, rehearsals tonight for thursday, catch you soon
darwin theme is awaiting approval at wordpress.org, here's a link for those who can't wait, haha http://twurl.nl/bgzomn
dsl line going down and then back up again, annoying because telstra won't fix when we call them out because it's only temporary
analysing and anticipating character development and evolution of certain unnamed individuals and myself in the minds of others
have to venture down to reinstall xp on ashley's computer after the virus he opened rendered his computer clinically dead.. resurrection!
uploading darwin 0.1.2 to the new wordpress theme directory http://wordpress.org/extend...
replying to an email, the latest of a series with slightly sociopathic overtones, quite a laugh, and only a little disturbing
i need more sleep, but work calls. sometimes i wish i was an unemployed musician
well that worked reasonably well, i'll sleep like the dead tonight, what a weekend, lots to think about, lots to resolve, lots to plan. nite
posting this from wordpress, i'm thinking of blogging again, but then again, i've thought about that before
there's an alarm squealing as though in pain somewhere in albion, came home to a deserted house, it's been a while since i've been here
watching flight of the concords at jerry's in the warmth of his reversed aircon
meeting went well, just got the highest score on the galaga machine in rics
walking to rics, having a meeting with jason and some kind of music industry scum, ha
had a dream i was moving houses, literally, with my bare hands
a cold cold cold cold cold ride to the city. there's a big tent. supposed to be good
girls who play the cello are invariably sexy. i wonder why
recording the very last performers cafe night in samford, it is quite impressive
get dv tapes, go home to get camera, go to filming, left tapes at home, buy more dv tapes
and in a word, a simple twist of fate, the order rapidly changes, and anna's play must be missed
eating a sub before the show, noticing a rise in usage of the royal 'we'
we polished a bottle of gin last night, liquid breakfast thismorn, hair slightly singed by someones stray cigarette. good times all in all
prospects of actually achieving going outedness is diminishing, but maybe after i visit a friend uptown
feeling the shockwaves of backfire, a car along the old road, and the departure of a fellow traveler in this maze of electric pipes
inviting people to this show next thursday @attractors last for a while http://twurl.nl/edg1ky come along. you're invited too
my gear from last night is strewn in various places around the city, as is my mind. need to consolidate
@Conjure will most likely end up at ric's at some point, may hopefully run into you
@Conjure i should be out tonight. a beer could go down well. where you headed?
wow no ticket, and it didn't get towed either.. bonus
ok....... the train just went straight past my stop.. looks like i'm walking
ah but i was so much older then, i'm younger than that now
what a crazy crazy night, creating chaos, now waiting for the train back over the river
looks like we might be going on early. alex is going to do some songs first
the rain has virtually stopped, filling up on some laksa in brunswick before heading down to barsoma
@Conjure almost a little TOO postmodern!
channeling persistant musical influence of history, mind-mixing, then projecting outwards through ever-evolving mouthpieces
the rain is still coming, this doesn't bode well for the show tonight, though it will be dry and warm inside..
@Conjure twitter is messing with your sphere of influence http://twurl.nl/5hl7la
wondering if i should brave the rain for some food.. or try to scavenge something around here
trying to clean out a virus that one of the drones picked up yesterday after it got through the email scanner, he couldn't resist opening it
google has rolled out knol http://knol.google.com/ doubtfully a true rival for wikipedia any time soon
didn't set an alarm, but woke up at the right time anyway. hmm........ strange
rundown, weary, and a little bit bleary, sleep has asserted itself as the dominant activity of this moment in existence, best not to fight
heading home now in the rain, the road is laid out for me, i just have to take it, not as easy as it sounds. felt naked without the band ...
well that was.. interesting
sound check is done, hendrik is tuning up, waiting for the doors of perception to open
there will be so many souls colliding tonight, going to lay low. going to take the gear up to the troub now
don't you hate it when you miss a spot shaving? no one will notice.. or will they?
chained to a mirror and a razor blade.. dreaming
still learning lyrics for "higher than heaven" that i'm supposed to be playing tonight
just pushed back rehearsals a bit, will have to head straight to the troubadour afterwards for the show with me and hendrik
@lexiphanic ha! yes :)
drinking earl grey, admiring the view from the balcony
@megbar a message in time, over the cables, so close, made far away, electronically. i have on idea what i'm saying
in the absense of fletch, others emerge to fill the tuesday void, no recording tonight, it's all social engineering from here on in
new facebook is phat http://www.new.facebook.com/ actually "wide" is a better description
that unequivocal feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment one gets from completing a book you've been ploughing through for some time
at lunch, they're playing exactly the same song as yesterday, just so predictable.. by delta ha! irony
setting up msn with my gmail account, another step towards ditching hotmail for good, will have to migrate contacts
the keys were in my pocket all along, don't you hate that?
still up at this ungodly hour, thinking about conceptions of an ultimate good, a pure evil, and the infinite spectrum rainbowing in-between
i am an agent of chaos
wandering the streets, as though my home, thinking about the heroes and villains inside us all
seeing a few fail whales around lately, and i am the monomaniacal ahab.. white whale, holy grail!!
braving the turbulent waters of existence, a vessel, an ark, upon which ideas and entities stow away, two by two, hurrah!
going to get lunch, a big lunch, a king-sized lunch
@kathleenjoy seems like the computers are growing legs around here
chasing computers around the office
wordpress 2.6 seems to have broken the k2 theme sidebar manager, hmm
sucking hot chocolate through tim tam straws
needing to have a shower and to learn these lyrics for wednesday. i'm a slight bit nervous, first (almost) solo show
planning on pushing through this exhaustion, going to cook up some spring rolls and other greasy foodstuffs
jamming with Hendrik, black dog fever
haha, fletch sprung me "tuning his bird" last night.. from the other side of the planet no less
evolving possibilities into existence, picking up car and gear from the valley, home then to Hendrik's
about to eat home made pizza, yum
@CameronCollie show was stellar. packed out the valley studios. heaps fun too up there
waiting for sound check. i don't think it's going to happen before doors
singing yardbirds, getting voice ready for tonight, heating up leftover indian food, sound check is at 4, damn not much time
@lexiphanic i need an alarm that makes me solve a complex set of algebraic equations before it lets me turn it off. ( that's ok :) )
probably needed the sleep, but seriously i need to shake this total disrespect for my alarm
it's very late, head and heart hurting, pain dulled by the promise of a brighter day for me and you
a late night shower is in order to assist in ponderings of an existential nature, how possibility and impossibility manifest in the mind
loving the new last.fm they did a brilliant job. tune into my station here http://www.last.fm/listen/u...
having a quiet one tonight so i can let loose tomorrow.. anxious with anticipation
@kathleenjoy may be relatively in sync with the moons 29.53 day phase (average menstrual phase is 28 days) but hardly in the moons "control"
rehearsal was gold, ready for tomorrow night. now looking in the refidex to find a more direct way home
stuffing myself on sushi
can't wait till the brian jonestown massacre in august, new last.fm design looks good, here's the event page http://www.last.fm/event/59...
@Conjure a pleasure meeting you also, you and @lexiphanic a real treat
heading back into the city, chasing right panned accordian melodies in when i'm sixty four
at the verve, experiencing my first real life meeting with twitter people. haha
regretfully yet necessarily creating a sense of otherness and separation from the flock, to see if they follow or stray
need to pick up my tambourine and harmonicas before heading into the city, onwards!
sending this short story to a friend who wanted to see some of my writing: the hole in the yard -> http://twurl.nl/pbqheg
my code is in the latest wordpress release :D
history is an organism trying to survive, what personal history has made its habitat in your mind's pastures?
inviting people to come see fletch play tonight at the verve, running guns, guns for hire -> http://twurl.nl/ce1ykz
just passing 3000 tweets. nice move twitter, in acquiring summize http://twurl.nl/m7oijz
wordpress 2.6, out already.. when did this happen? http://twurl.nl/cfj14m
apple pie in the kitchen, yes!
breakfast time, yum. day 4. i need somewhere to weigh myself. 70 is the target
back in albion, brushing teeth. tonight's performance exceeded expectations, nice chat with cast after too
having a red wine in new farm
haven't been to the theatre in a long long time, it seems so civilized!
getting ready to go see a midsummer night's dream tonight in new farm, haven't seen it since i was in it at uni (if that counts)
checking out "lively", google's answer to second life aparently http://www.lively.com/
led zeppelin is god, i'm still hungry, watching more curb then recording, no trivia tonight.. what to do..
waiting for the next paradigm shift, or taking part in its enactment
we are all the same in that we are different, yet in no two differences are we the same
yesterday tanya said i was "different from other guys my age" is that good or bad?
ate so much last night, but now my stomach seems pretty empty, need to fill it again and continue the experiment.. day 2
half-pulled from my daze by a ring on the doorbell.. no one there by the time i get there. i think it was the electricity guy
expelled into the early hours of mist and fog, engulfing the tower tops, and leaving a sombre longing deep within the soul
stuck in the rain out back at the modern art gallery.. waiting
chewing more vitamin c wikipedia research showed my mysterious mayan curse the other week was actually glandular fever, kissing disease, ha!
back from a meeting, have to look at getting quotes for a video camera, maybe try to convince them into going high definition
almost full from lunch, now i guess it's potato chips, apple pie, and ice cream :)
planning to start eating as much as i can for a month to see if it is actually possible for me to gain weight at all
starting development of the new website, got another potato from the kitchen, work is piling up faster than it is being completed, head down
finding out through twitter and summize that our phone troubles are due to a cut fibre optics cable at optus http://twurl.nl/313d4f
@jareth Tomorrow, When the War Began is on my list to read. @borogirl thinks it's a papal conspiracy. better run for the hills :)
all mobile phones are down, straaaaaaange..........
teeth need cleaning, eyes need closing, dreams need dreaming
rendering fractal flames with apophysis, trying to learn how to use it properly http://www.apophysis.org/
these curb your enthusiasm episodes are getting better and better, ep 4 The Lefty Call is classic
icecream and some more curb.. (sorry jerry, i was only talking about the first ep i watched tonight, haha) <-- private joke
promising jess http://twurl.nl/ryqet5 i'll take more photos, now where's that digital slr? it has to be around here somewhere
@annarchy you know miss maggie mae collins, wow small world! also @urchincreature said she was at the party briefly as well
dinner with a dear friend and treasured soul
moving on new motion to abolish gst, theft from the working class heroes
free potatoes it the kitchen!
@Carmillia google error was happening here, and now we've lost our entire internet connection, although i think the incidents are unrelated
@kathleenjoy working at a place called karuna hospice services, they look after terminally ill people at home, i look after dying computers
asked 'how are the clients thismorning?' got back 'good, most of them are still alive' nurses need a sense of humour in palliative care
tell me why i don't like mondays, i wanna shoot the whole day down
@kathleenjoy DNSBL is an ip address blacklist, not sure how our work internet address got on there, had to manually remove..
coffee has gone cold :( the windows live messenger installation process is ridiculously drawn out and stupid
lots and lots of twitter chatter about the iphone http://summize.com/search?q...
@annarchy looks like a killer party, who's the band?
no longer on the DNSBL hooray! must go down and hijack the coffee machine now
having a shoulder massage, what is it that builds up such tension at times? monday morning, time to leave for work.. ah
getting really sleepy, don't feel like reading, contemplating new theories on existence. will fall to dreamland soon i bet
stumbling on a sunday night, considering maybe going to sydney in august with zoran's magical mystery tour
@CameronCollie up to season 6 of curb, season 4 is my fav so far, don't think they'll top that one
going to jump into a much needed shower, then hopefully watch some curb your enthusiasm and start this screenplay
@MasterCJ is this the one you mean? about donkey kong? looks interesting http://twurl.nl/6zcd0m
back across the river to pick up the gear from last night. what a show, pure chaos with 7 attractors on stage
a lazy day, watched i heart, now watching king kong
how did i get here?
first band just started, we're drinking wine
gettin my kit on to go pick up fletch, then heading off to the show. one last plug -> http://twitpic.com/3awx
@CameronCollie well, it wasn't actually me per se (as far as i can remember), just a photo for a uni ad i did. haven't seen it myself
couldn't find a shirt, bah, who needs shirts anyway?
@kathleenjoy would love to be stumble buddies, what's your page?
@heroinepretend i fear a tear in the spacetime continuum will occur when i finally actually meet someone from twitter in person :)
just bought new jeans, marked down due to label damage. it'll come off
dislike clothes shopping immensely. they never have anything. maybe i need a personal stylist, ha!
wading through commerce, watching the cute little sideways glances
i think i must have just about stumbled the whole internet by now http://phocks.stumbleupon.com/ i'm getting nothing
need a new getup, might make a trip to chermside, stopping on the way at a few op-shops
breakfast time! i'm in my own private time-zone
@lexiphanic yep i'll be there to see running guns do their thing at the verve next thursday
waking up, still need some lyrics for tonight, i think i'll just ad lib. i need coffee. i need a lot of things
lying in bed about to continue reading a heartbreaking work of staggering genius, but will most likely fall asleep within 10 minutes
back from rehearsals, then fletch, lauren & i went to see flamingo crash, lauren's mum made us pasta, saving the craziness for tomorrow
listening to @attractors "my girl" http://twurl.nl/0o3y68 have to get ready for rehearsals, last one before the show
wow this pepper soup is really, really spicey hot, i'm almost sweating here
got two new keys cut for the vespa, god knows what happened to my original spare, i found my microphone as well, things are looking up
have to get these recordings done regardless, and prepare for tomorrow's tongue & groove show, come down if you're in the area
hope my stereo condenser mic shows up.. also @biz when is twitter IM coming back? still riding this lame horse
@annarchy finally escaped the confines of bed, coffee is helping a lot
slept in again, it's hard to get out of a warm bed when you're not actually obliged to by responsibility, a little longer
the words aren't coming, but the floodgates are bursting thier seams.. soon. sleep comes at last
thinking about a brief holiday, weekend away, checking flight prices, why can't i just own an airline like howard hugues?
thinking curb may be losing steam a touch at the sixth, but it's still quite a hoot
cold, cold, cold, how lucky for clothing that we humans have strayed so far from our equatorial beginnings, quite the existential boon
so cold, i'm considering jumping into a hot shower, but anticipating the cold reemergence once the hot water runs out
still hungry, this appetite in insatiable.. can't get no satisfaction.. word evolution rocks!
nice jam at hendrik's, new songs "higher than heaven" and "my girl jesus" are well on the way to final emergence at the troubadour
cooking spring rolls, then writing some lyrics
lisa is tellling me to leave work early, who am i to argue?
amused by this newfound twitter fail whale wikipedia article http://twurl.nl/ziuvvt
they're playing custom kings on triple j right now, they did a good job up here on tour with the custom queens (hls)
making headway through the house of leaves, analysing the effects of critical analysis, binding subject to object
wish i was playing my chicken evolution theatre game.. chicken -> dinosaur -> old man -> diana ross.. stop, in the name of love!
just making an instant coffee in the kitchen, giving the coffee machine a break
back home from an interesting night. mojo was amazing, and other things were also, now contemplating the immediate future too much
listening to jazz, st germaine at frankie's
putting clean socks on, about to head across town to find my mojo, under the tracks, under the bridge
just bought a 1 litre boost juice, ingredients include refined fish oil? what?
walking up brunswick, gettin the blues tonight
foolishly feeding the ibis on the grass before the show
seeing hancock later, but now going to get some food