First Update for Darwin Theme

After a few days use and rigorous testing down in the lab and out in the wild blue yonder of the interwebs, this new species of WordPress theme we call “Darwin” has undergone the first tiny changes in its evolutionary and ever-marching journey towards a more perfect suitability to its environment.

A number of small alterations in genetic php code seem enough to warrant a revision release. These include:

  1. Colours and wording in the footer
  2. Footer css styling issues in ie7
  3. Altered styles for code and blockquotes
  4. Wide borders for images in posts, making 500 pixel images line up perfectly with text
  5. Comment box now lines up correctly
  6. Header moves in to meet text while viewing single page, and h2 text now aligns left
  7. “Archive” text removed from single pages in the browser title bar
  8. Reduced height on list elements
  9. Other seemingly imperceivable changes

This post also serves as an excuse to use the Abduction! Firefox plugin, which allows full page exports straight from your browser.

View Screenshot | Download version 0.1.1 | Or Test Run Right Here 🙂

Install as per usual, as per the last Darwin post. And as before, feel free to use and modify at will, with or without credit under the GPL. Shout back any favourable modifications you may stumble upon.

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