Junk Posting

To fill that canyon void between true quality, sometimes there must become a little bit of junk. This is the first of the experiment with junk posts on this quasi-blog type thing. No real aim, but to create and fill. Oft times it is the mass of filling that makes the other so good.

I am not talking automatic writing here, and will leave that to another day.

Anyway, what did I do today? Not much, just working mainly. Thinking back, thismorning Jasper awakened me with her meowing. For lunch I headed down to Sakura Sushi. Still failing in my attempts to get Jerry to try it. I finished chapter twenty-nine of Great Expectations, experiencing Pip’s first adult falling for the now-fully-grown Estella.

Had a call from The Strange Attractors‘ prospective bass player. Things seem almost to be coming together.

Unsure of where all this junk will lead me tonight.

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5 Responses to “Junk Posting”

  1. Victoria Says:

    don’t we just love it!!!



    i still have have no idea what the cute little cat reminds me of? oh well! i’ll find out one day! 😀


    Love me!

  2. Joshua Says:

    Thanks Victoria,

    Your comments are always… exciting 🙂

  3. magmababe Says:

    my favourite post so far…. 😉

  4. Joshua Says:

    haha, thanks Sarah, mine too

  5. Beehopymeally Says:

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