TSA Suck

A preemptive effort at playing reverse fashion victim. The attractive boys have a little preview show down at Barsoma next Thursday. Even though it’s not their own show, best there be a decent breed of flyer to deliver into the hands of the people.

A good chance to hone some design skills with ill conceived ideas of criticism deflection and sensual suggestiveness. Sent out into the network ether just yesterday asking what people thought, and already some responses have rolled in.

Some favourites include:

“I think it’s hot!” –Ben

“Mmm… lollipop. It’s amazing how as innocent as lollipops can be so saucy. I like it.” –Jimi

“Hot… I need a moment…” –Leesa

“A very interesting look Josh, perhaps an unfinished symphony…?” –Jim

“That’s hot! …really like this one Josh. It’s an enticing look for your show & maybe time for me to get off my butt and come along…” –Stacey

“Its cool dude, I like your image! Type is in good place too.” –Kadir

“i dig. it’s stylish and funky, with a little bit of “we’re sexy” thrown in there.” –Nara

“Hi Josh, That’s really cool. The colours are awesome – really different to stuff you normally see in the Valley. It will really stand out.” –Danika

“Heh, sweet. Looks cool man.” –Maggie

That’s about it for now. It’s 3:20am and I have work tomorrow… Nite.

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