The Path Through Mid-Certainty

A quick post, hurried, reflection of a new style that will hopefully lead to more frequency and greater output. After all, what are we but conduits of input and output? Well, a lot more perhaps, but that’s another story.

Descartes talked heaps about uncertainty. You of course know of his saying, “I think, therefore I am”. He can only be certain of his own existence, because he thinks, right? And he can perceive that he is thinking by the thoughts that are going through his head.

But that’s even wrong, Descartes you old dinosaur! I think I remember reading something by Wittgenstein or someone like that, and it makes sense. You can’t even be certain of your own existence by that reasoning. The only thing you could maybe, possibly be certain of is that there are thoughts that exist, and perhaps some portion of this pool of thought is ascribed to be experienced by you. If you get that drift.

Anyway, whatever, this doesn’t really matter too much. All I’m getting at is that you can be uncertain of pretty much everything. But on the opposite side, you can be certain of pretty much everything. It just depends on how you look at the world.

There are certainties and uncertainties and they evolve in the mind, and form little forests in the brain, from the day you’re born to the day you die, they thrive and grow, sometimes dwindling in places, sometimes taking over. There is a path through those two forests. The path through mid-certainty, we all travel.

I’ll attempt to continue these little ramblings in the future and see where they lead, because if I let them remain encircling my skull, I’m sure I’ll certainly go insane before too long.

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  1. caroline Says:

    hi phocks,

    heavy thoughts yesterday, huh? i love that you called descartes an “old dinosaur”. 🙂

    i wasn’t sure how to contact you, so i apologize for doing this via your blog. i use your darwin theme on my nascent blog, and i’m having trouble getting the comment box to show up. in fact, on the individual entry pages, i think the code is truncated after “You can follow any responses to this entry through the” .

    the blog is housed at, and i’m working on displaying it at

    could you help me? please? it’s a beautiful template, but i think there’s something wrong with my files.


  2. Fidel Beljan Says:

    In the event you aren’t playing well, the sport is not as much fun. When that takes place I tell myself just to get out there and play as I did when I was a kid.
    Inside every working anarchy, there’s an Old Boy Network.

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