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The Disambiguous Dylan

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Looking up Bob Dylan as it seems I often do on Wikipedia, I came across this little edit on the Dylan disambiguation page.

Dylan is a boy who lives 14 miles outside from Glasgow he is an only child & loves the USA he has got two cats called Tantrum (age 5) and Potter (age 3). He usually goes out to the cinemas alot. He is coming 13 in November and loves playing World of Warcraft. His favourite food is cheese and pizza. His favourite type of cheese is goats cheese, stilton and cheddar. He made a lot of friends in his 1st year but in his 2nd he doesn’t know if they’re still friendly with them.

Cute. Haven’t the heart to take it down. Hope it stays there for a while..

Dylan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia_1248889131044

Shiny New Twitter

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Woke up thismorning to find a whole lot of cosmetic changes to Twitter, that they’d warned us about last night. Quite an improvement I’d say. Hopefully the Twitter staff are finally waking up to the fact that they’d better start making changes to their system and fixing problems, lest their competitors catch up too much.

Recently I’ve been trying out another similar service called Brightkite, much like Twitter, but with a focus on locations and mobile photography. Good thing I recently got my mobile email workingm to post pictures directly. Currently the service is invite only, but you can check out my profile, and if you want to give it a go, just give me a yell and I’ll send an invite. One thing that Brightkite does have over Twitter, as @lexiphanic pointed out, is its free sms notification service internationally, which Twitter turned off a little while ago.

Eager to see what further changes Twitter decides to make anyway, and still wondering when exactly they’re going to fix their IM service and Tracking.